Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer Review

I'm sorry I've been so lax about posting lately!  I've been working on a truly epic brush post and on some winter skincare stuff, but you can't really derive any enjoyment from those until I've posted them, which will be a few days yet (did I mention we're past the halfway point in the term?  Shit's starting to get real).  So I decided to write this rather brief, picture-free review to tide you over.  My apologies, and I promise, bigger and better things are on the horizon!

I love Sephora's free samples.  They're great for entertainment value, if nothing else (such as when I get perverse pleasure from finding a truly revolting perfume), but sometimes, you even find a cool new product.  Such is the case with the Amazing Cosmetics face primer.
Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer, image from Sephora

It's a silicone-based primer, but unlike some silicone primers (or, at least, the one other I've tried), it doesn't feel heavy or suffocating.  I need the tiniest bit to cover my whole face––think half the size of a pea and you'll have it about right––as it glides and smooths over my face with the greatest of ease.  It's supposedly a moisturizer-primer hybrid, and though I've not tried it without other moisturizer underneath, I can say it's definitely not drying.  It does help create a smoother canvas, but I can't really speak to its anti-aging/wrinkle properties because I a) haven't worn it long enough to see any effect, and b) don't really have wrinkles to speak of (grey hairs, on the other hand, I've got plenty of; if only this helped with those).  I've worn it under my BB cream and MMU, and it's helped both last a full (looooong) day without fading or migrating.  It's not enough to control oil for me on its own, but I do find that it helps maximize my returns from mattifying gel and/or powder.  Also, it hasn't broken me out!  Hip hip hurray!

I got a 0.12 oz sample packet, and it has enough product for 10 days to 2 weeks (I wasted a lot of product from package oozing, so I'm low-balling my estimate, but it could well last longer than that), so the 1 oz full size should last a few months.  Compared to other similar products, this primer is mid-range for price per ounce, but it also has much higher ratings on MUA than others of its ilk (by which I mean, other moisturizing silicone primers).  I don't find the effect of wearing it to be dramatic enough for me to want to buy the full size (mostly because my main concern is excess oiliness, which is not the intended target of this product), but if you have normal-to-dry skin and want a nice, lightweight face primer, Amazing Cosmetics' is definitely worth checking out.

$34 for 1 oz, available from Sephora

Do you wear face primer?  Have you tried this one?  Would you want to?
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