Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gel in Holiday Lights Aglow Review and Pictures

When Nordstrom was having their 3-Philosophy-shower-gels-for-$15 sale last week, I picked up 3 shower gels for myself (and then 3 for Christmas presents!).  I've not used them all yet, and since I don't want to review them without testing them, but I also don't want y'all to feel neglected, I've decided to review at least the one I have tried!

Holiday Lights Aglow is described as "winter green citrus", which, if you add a bit of sugar to the citrus, is pretty spot-on.  It smells like winter and evergreens and coziness around the fire, eating your Christmas orange (does anyone else always get an orange in their stocking, or is that just my family?), but it's also surprisingly refreshing.  One of the cool things about the gel itself is that it has pink shimmer running through it; the color's totally off in the picture below, but you can see that it has shimmers (which, thankfully, do not linger after showering).
shimmery! in reality they're pink, though you can't tell there...
It's a nice, fun touch!  I find it lathers better than Vanilla Birthday Cake, which is nice, since you don't need much product for lots of suds, and the smell really wafts through in the humid air (though, again, it doesn't linger after getting out of the shower).  I haven't used it as a bubble bath or shampoo, so I can't speak to its effectiveness or lack thereof in that regard, lo siento!  Only downside?  It doesn't seem to be available for individual purchase anymore.  Oh noes!  I assume it will be re-released for the true holiday season, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and if you simply can't wait, you can get it in a duo from Nordstrom with Twinkle Berry for $15.

Do you have a favorite Philosophy shower gel?  Did you partake in the Nordie's sale?
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