Thursday, November 17, 2011

Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gel in Cinnamon Buns and Peace on Earth Review and Pictures

I used to be a one-shower-gel-at-a-time kind of girl...but then the Philosophy shower gel sale happened, and there that went!  Before, the only decision I had to make in the shower was whether I wanted to shave or not (usually not).  With the increase in the size of my shower gel collection, though, I've doubled the amount of thinking required.  And yet my pre-breakfast cognitive daze is as strong as ever.  You can imagine how this could be a problem.  "So, self, which shower gel would we like to use today?" "Gee, self, we used up all our decision-making power when we decided not to shave..."

Of course, there are many worse things in the world than indecision regarding one's choice of body wash, especially when there's really no wrong answer.

The cinnamon part of Cinnamon Buns is certainly very accurate, but I don't get too much of the buns in the scent; to me, it smells more like really sweet spiced tea (but minus the tea part, if that makes any sense?) than anything involving dough, but it's really nice and warm and welcoming.  I used it this morning when I just wanted to crawl back into bed, and it helped in the sense that I was happy I had gotten out of bed so I could smell it, but it hindered in that I've been craving a bear claw all day.

Peace on Earth is supposedly "tranquil orchid", but I smell mostly soft mint with some floral undertones.  It's very subtle and pleasant, and I really like it, but the smell is not quite as advertised, at least to my nose.  I use these primarily as shower gels, though I did put Cinnamon Buns in a bath I was having, and it did create some bubbles, but not nearly as many as I wanted, and the smell was basically non-existent.  They can also be used as shampoo, though I have yet to do so.  Also, you don't need very much to get a great lather going, and the scent doesn't linger after showering, which is awesome for those of us who wear perfume (deciding on which perfume to wear is also a challenging endeavor in the morning, but at least I have the weather to go by!).

Cinnamon Buns is permanently available from SephoraNordstrom, and Philosophy, $16 for 16 oz.
Peace on Earth is a holiday scent available from Nordstrom and Philosophy, $16 for 16 oz or $15 for two 6 oz. bottles, the other being Snow Angel.
Also, Philosophy is currently having 10% off everything with code holidaycheer, good through Nov. 18, should you feel like placing an order!

Have you tried either of these?  What did you think?
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