Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finger Paints Flakies Swatch Fest

I have been eagerly awaiting the Finger Paints collection of 5 flakies since I saw the press release several weeks ago ($4.99 for 0.50 oz each with Sally's card, $5.99 without; if you want the collection, it's definitely worth getting the card if you don't have one already). I'd gone to the nearest Sally's twice in the week before leaving for DC in the hopes they had gotten it early, but to no avail. Today, though, since I was finally feeling mostly human again (thank god for modern medicine), I decided to go out for some (more!) retail therapy. I was thrilled to death and flailed about in glee when I saw they had all of them in stock, and quickly snatched them up and traipsed home to play around with them. There is no shortage of awesome swatches and reviews online, and I definitely suggest looking at them for further ideas, since, while I did a lot of layering combinations, my polish collection is not entirely extensive and I'm only including the ones I liked best.

Now, on to the pictures! As always, enlarge for a more detailed (read: rainbowier) view.

Left to right: Flashy, Flecked, Motley, Asylum, Twisted

All layered––it looks like stained glass!
Flashy is, from what I've read, similar to Nubar 2010, Essie Shine of the Times, and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the original version). It's copper flakes that shift from red to orange to yellow to green. Very pretty layered over black (as all flakies are), and I actually really loved it over Color Club Nouveau Vintage (which I'll probably feature as a NOTD at some point).
2 coats Flashy alone

2 coats Flashy over one coat WnW Black Creme

2 coats Flashy over 2 coats Nouveau Vintage; it looks like autumn leaves!

Flecked is primarily green, but shifts to blue/turquoise at some angles (and under some lights). I thought it looked particularly beautiful over Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost, though I also tried it over red and green cream polishes, but it unfortunately looked disturbingly radioactive.
2 coats Flecked

2 coats Flecked over 1 coat WnW Black Creme

2 coats Flecked over 2 coats Caribbean Frost

Motley is a combination of green and blue flakes that shift to blue and purple, respectively. It was really hard to get the purple shift to show up on camera (purples are impossible to photograph), but I promise you, it is there! This one I liked a lot over purple (Revlon No Shrinking Violet, review to come...sometime), since it brought out some more of the purple flash.
2 coats Motley

2 coats Motley over 1 coat Black Creme

2 coats Motley over 1 coat No Shrinking Violet

Asylum is the only one of the collection that I considered not getting. The mix of red and blue flakes just...doesn't appeal to me. But I knew I would regret not having the whole collection, and I wanted to be able to swatch them all for you, so I purchased it nonetheless! The red flakes shift to orangey-yellow and the blue shifts a bit to purple, but I don't like that combination any better. Ah well, I'm still glad I got it.
2 coats Asylum

2 coats Asylum over 1 coat Black Creme

2 coats Asylum over 2 coats Revlon All Fired Up; looks like fiery lava

Twisted is glorious. It's a mix of all the different colors, and it's the densest of all the flakies in the collection. It's rainbowy and beautiful and pretty awesome. I like it best over black, but it looks nice over green (Color Club Artsy Crafty) and purple (No Shrinking Violet again). I'm tempted to try it over a silver holo to see how the rainbowy shifts interact...
2 coats Twisted

1 coat Twisted over 1 coat Black Creme

2 coats Twisted over 2 coats Artsy Crafty

2 coats Twisted over 1 coat No Shrinking Violet

So that's all for today. I'll post again with them all over white and some of the duochromes in my collection, once I get around to swatching them. What do you think of flakies? Are you just dying to pick these up now?
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