Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Polish Rubric

I've decided that the grading schema I use for makeup is not completely applicable to nail products, so I've tweaked it a little to better reflect the elements that are important in a good polish, in my opinion. The new categories are as follows:
Color, 10: How much do I like it? This is almost entirely subjective, but I will also consider how I think it will work across a range of skintones. I tend to only buy polishes that I think I will like, which usually consists of glitters, interesting shimmers, holos, duo/multichromes, weird polishes (either things like flakies and magnetic polishes, or just strange colors), and dark and vampy colors. I'm a big fan of layering, actually, since it makes even boring pink cremes fun and interesting, but I try to find polishes that I like on their own, too.
Formula, 10: This score reflects a number of things, including the thickness of the polish (is it gloppy? runny?), ease of application (does it apply evenly or pool weirdly?), dry time (do you have to wait forever between coats to make sure there's no cuticle drag?), wear (does it chip or get tipwear exceedingly quickly?), and ease of removal (do you have to attack it with a pickaxe?)
Pigmentation and Finish, 5: Does it apply with suitably even pigmentation (no streakiness if it's a layering shade, and opaque in 2-3 coats if it's designed to be worn alone)? Is it shiny on its own/with one coat of topcoat, or does it require a ton to be smooth?
Brush and Bottle, 5: Does the brush enable a painless, even application of polish? Is the bottle visually appealing, easy to store, and functional?
Price/Value, 5: Is it expensive, is it of average size, and is it sufficiently opaque with a minimum of coats?
Total out of 35 points

Do you approve?
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