Monday, January 23, 2012

European Secrets Hoofer's Choice Nail and Cuticle Cream Review and Pictures

I mentioned this in my December Favorites post and promised a full review, so here it is! I suffer from really dry, grouchy cuticles. I've always had a ton of hangnails and cuticle peeling, which I'd never realized was really fixable until I got more into makeup and I saw pictures of people with friggin' perfect cuticles. I first tried a couple of kinds of cuticle oils, since that's the most popular way of caring for cuticles, and they helped, but not enough. I also always felt like the oil wasn't absorbing and doing its thing, which is very frustrating! I decided to try Hoofer's Choice after reading about it on MUA and seeing how crazy cheap it is at Sally's (I think ~$3 for an ounce), though I didn't expect too much. It is, after all, called Hoofer's Choice, and was supposedly designed for use with horses.

 And yet! It has worked amazingly well for me. It's a cross between a gel and a cream that's slightly sticky and pretty opaque.

Dipping my index finger into the pot gives me enough (usually more than enough) to cover all 5 nails on the opposite hand.
like so

I apply it before I go to sleep (both at night and any naps I happen to take), and it both improves and maintains the health of my cuticles. I do find that applying it at least every day is necessary for maximum returns; I skipped a couple days when I was gone/sick and have gotten a couple of hangnails. But barring laziness on my part, it really keeps me covered! The ingredients list is super tiny, but I can make out that it includes glycerin, silicones, and various plant oils; it also contains menthol, which I can smell, but it's subtle, and mixed with lavender––quite pleasant, really. All in all? Yes, yes, yes. The 1 oz jar will last me several months, but I will definitely repurchase when I run out.
$3.49 for 1 oz ($2.49 with Sally card) from Sally Beauty
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