Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Socialite Review and Swatches

I have a confession: I am a bit lipstick-obsessed. I didn't realize how extensive my collection's become until I collected it (almost) all together to compare shades, and there were, like, 20. Oops. They're just so fun! This is one of my more recent acquisitions, as I picked it up during Cherry Culture's 40% off NYX sale a few weeks ago. I've been hearing raves about NYX's BLL line for ages, and figured this was my chance to try them out. The main problem I had was deciding what color to get, since there's no place that sells NYX near me, and with close to 100 colors, you can't find swatches of everything online. I did a lot of Google searching, and ended up deciding on Socialite, hoping it would be a nice, cool berry-red. That, it is not, but I like it nonetheless.
NYX Black Label Lipstick in Socialite

Socialite is a neutral-warm red with pinky undertones.

It's quite opaque and very creamy, though not so creamy that I worry about it migrating outside my lips. While it's warmer than I was hoping, it's still a color I can wear, as can my mother, though I do think it's better on her (warm undertones) than me (neutral-cool). In spite of it being really very pigmented, it's not really bright or bold, so it's a pretty good entry red for those who don't want to go full-out, especially blotted. It can also be built up quite a bit for those who want more drama/have darker skin.

Compared to other reds in my collection, left to right: NYX Socialite, Prestige Enduring Blush, Tarte Swank, Jordana Sweet Strawberry, Milani Modern Mauve (review to come), Chanel Dragon (review to come)

It smells vaguely like cherry candy, I think? I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's not unpleasant; it does, however, last for several minutes after application, so if you're sensitive to scents, that's something to keep in mind. It's decently moisturizing, though after it's worn off I do feel I could use some lip balm (not desperately, just...it would be nice). On me, since it's so creamy and I can't help but rub my lips together because it just feels so nice, it lasts less than an hour before the creaminess has worn away. It does stain a bit, though, which is really nice, since I can just top it with balm and get another couple hours of nice color.

It's more expensive than their Round lipstick range, but it's also a better formula, less slippery and wears longer. If you happen to have a NYX retailer near you, I definitely suggest checking them out in person, because the color swatches online (especially those provided by the company) are less than ideal at times. The shade range is huge, the quality's definitely there, and the packaging is pretty sleek and classy. I also really like that they show the lipstick color at the base, since it makes identifying the color really easy, especially if you have more than one. One thing to note, though, is that they're not terribly secure in their tube, and mine has gotten nicked on the side of the tube several times. Not a deal-breaker, but it is less than ideal.

$7.50 for 0.15 oz from NYX, $5.25 for 0.15 oz from Cherry Culture (with an extra 20% off through the 15th with code WHS20, score!)

Quality: 8.75
Effectiveness: 4.75 (supposed to be "creamy and dreamy", which I guess they are? Definitely creamy)
Ease of Use: 5
Senses: 4.5 (kind of a strange scent)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 3.75 (creamy lipsticks don't tend to last very long on me)
Consistency: 4.5 (almost too creamy, and if you're in a hot environment, it very well could melt on you)
Price: 3.75
Value: 5 (0.15 oz is about as big as lipsticks get; the usual is 0.10-0.12 oz)
Packaging: -0.25
Grade: A-/B+

Have you tried any of the Black Label Lipsticks? What did you think? What shades should I check out next?
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