Friday, December 16, 2011

Color Club Gingerbread Nail Polish Review and Swatches

This is the second one of the Color Club polishes that I got at Ross that I decided to wear. The combination of cool-toned gold glitter and rainbow holo particles could not be resisted. And really, why would I even try?

3 coats Gingerbread
Gingerbread is a gold and holo polish in a clear base. It can be worn alone, or layered to add some sparkle.

3 coats Gingerbread with 1 coat top coat (not enough, hence the bumpy finish)

2 coats Gingerbread over 1 coat Wet N Wild Black Creme, no top coat

Gingerbread is not as densely packed as Sugarplum Fairy, but it's so sparkly that you don't even notice the bare spots. I did 3 coats, and like with Sugarplum Fairy, the formula was really thick and quite uncooperative, so I suggest either applying with lots of quick strokes, or using polish thinner. It wore a couple of days before it was starting to chip (which, of course, is when I decided to finally get around to taking pictures of it, whoops), but those with better nails than me should be able to get longer wear out of it. And, as a glitter polish, it was hell to remove, but a cotton pad or ball doused in nail polish remover and wrapped in tin foil helps speed the process immensely.

Here it is compared to two other golds in my collection, Milani 3D and Milani Gold Glitz:
Gingerbread on the left, 3D on the right (review to come, eventually)

Gingerbread on the left, Gold Glitz on the right

Bottom line? Very festive, very pretty, and definitely worth checking out if you're neutral-cool, since the gold is quite silvery, and therefore works much better on my skin than Milani Gold Glitz did.

$6–$8 for 0.50 oz, available at some drugstores and as part of a set from Ross (and from some online retailers; Google is your friend)

Quality: 8.25
Effectiveness: 5
Ease of Use: 2
Senses: 3.5 (needs a lot of top coat)
Pigmentation: 4.5 (even at 3 coats, there were some bare spots, though the sparkle factor pretty much negated any effect they had on the overall look)
Duration: 4.25
Consistency: 3.5 (needs thinner)
Price: 3 (if you buy it individually; if you can find it at Ross, it's a bit more than $1, which is a phenomenal deal)
Value: 5
Grade: B-/C+

As usual, the grade for this doesn't reflect how much I like it, because the fact that it's a glitter brings down the overall score, thanks to Ease of Use and Senses, and the Price score certainly doesn't help (though, grading as part of a set, it would get a 5+ for that). But love it I do! It's a beautiful color for the holidays, and I got many compliments when I wore it. If only there were some way to make glitter polishes as easy to apply as creams...someone get working on that, okay?

What do you think of Gingerbread? How do you feel about glitters?
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