Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Lips: Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque

This isn't quite a review in the normal sense. Chanel recently discontinued all (but one?) of their Rouge Allure Laques, intensely pigmented liquid lipsticks, including Dragon. If you're a regular reader of Temptalia, you know that Dragon is her HG red lipstick; I've also seen it featured on Getting Cheeky, Messy Wands, and Blushing Noir. I hadn't planned on buying it until I had a better-paying job (linguistics graduate teaching fellow does not, shockingly, bring in the big moolah), but with news of its discontinuance (?) and a couple of fancy holiday parties to go to, I decided I should completely ignore my makeup budget (more so than usual, I mean) and try and hunt it down or forever hold my peace. I went to Macy's, but mine was sadly sold out; fortunately, other stores had it in stock, so the SA placed an order to have it shipped to me. This also required me to pick up something else to avoid paying $10 for shipping, which is why I bought a $36 eyeshadow (review to come). But I digress.

I don't have much experience in high-end makeup, or red lipstick for that matter, so the following statement is perhaps superfluous, but: Chanel Dragon is the most marvelously pigmented, gorgeously bold, classic red lipstick I have ever seen/worn/dreamed of.

1 (!!) swipe across my arm; my skin is not quite that pale in real life

It's a slightly blue-based red with shimmer (very subtle) that is incredibly creamy and glossy and have I mentioned crazy pigmented? I've found that applying it with a lip brush gives me the best control and precision, but I imagine using a lipliner would make applying with the doe-foot applicator straight to lips easier.

Dragon in shade; the depth of color here is pretty accurate, though it's not usually quite so cool-toned

I haven't had any troubles with it bleeding on my lips, but that's never been a problem for me. As long as I don't eat anything that requires a lot of contact from my lips (no apples, for example) and no full meals, I can get 4-5 hours of solid wear, with it remaining glossy for ~3 hours of that; it is definitely not transfer-proof, though, and there are several glasses in our house that now have faint red lip remnants from when I drank out of them while wearing Dragon. Whoops?

Dragon in partial setting sun (looks much warmer here than it is)

It's a gorgeous color in beautiful packaging and absolutely perfect for the holidays (or any time I feel the need for look-at-me red lips!).

Slightly brighter looking here than usual; Dragon inside under my magnifying lamp, with flash. Stunning, is it not?

I've worn it several times to test it, and every time my grandmother compliments me on it. It's in the vein of a classic pin-up red, but darker and richer and Chanel-er. Every woman should have a great red lipstick in her arsenal, even those of us who try to stick with more natural makeup, and I am extremely pleased to have Dragon to fill that void in my collection. If you like red lips and have some cash you're willing to drop, make haste to your nearest Chanel counter so you can either snag one there, or have them order you one from another store, because these will not be around much longer. In spite of the sticker-shock ($32 for one lipstick?!), I am really glad to have gotten this before it's gone.
$32 for 0.20 oz, available at some Chanel counters (go to your local one and see if they have it left in stock, and if not, see if they can order it from another store)

What do you think of Dragon? What's your favorite holiday lip product? How do you feel about discontinued products?
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