Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ross Nail Polish Haulage: Pics and Swatches

I went to Ross yesterday, because Nouveau Cheap posted that a reader had found a set of (long discontinued) Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, and, being the duochrome whore that I am, I had to go and check out my local Ross to see if I would be lucky enough to find it myself. I not only found the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, but also picked up a set of Color Club holos and glitters, Beyond the Mistletoe, which is, according to Fashion Polish, new for the season. So, for $14, I walked away with 4 duochromes, 5 holos, 2 glitters, and a top coat. Needless to say, I was hyperactively excited (and tweeted Nouveau Cheap about it, because if anyone can appreciate a good deal, it would be her!). I haven't had the chance to test any of them for wear or anything, but I wanted to get swatches up so you can see what the dealio is, and hopefully get yourself to a Ross to check them out!

Color Club first; the bottles I have don't have names on them, but I got the names from Fashion Polish (who got them from Color Club, so one assumes they're accurate).
ETA: These were $7.99 at Ross, and the Color Club website has them listed at $48.00 ($8 apiece). So, if you're interested in the set, it's definitely worth checking your local Ross!
Beyond the Mistletoe, left to right: Sugarplum Fairy, Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor, Jingle Jangle, Candy Cane, Gingerbread

Sugarplum Fairy is a pale lavender holo in a clear base; it's the strongest holo out of all the ones in this set, and it's reeeeeeeally pretty. In some lights it approaches being linear (still wanting a linear holo polish like whoa, though). Very delicate and sparkly, much like a fairy!
We'll pretend it's blurry on purpose, mk? 3 coats Sugarplum Fairy with 1 coat top coat

Beyond the Mistletoe is a light blue holo in a clear base; it's a bit sparser than Sugarplum Fairy and not quite as holographic, but very close.
3 coats Beyond the Mistletoe with 1 coat top coat

Holiday Splendor is a subtle green holo in a green tinted base. This one's not nearly as sparkly as SF and BtM, but it's really, really green, which definitely makes up for it. I'm thinking I may need to wear this for my next Duck manicure...I can pair it with Gingerbread and be super glittery and awesome!
3 coats Holiday Splendor with 1 coat top coat

Jingle Jangle is not a holo, sadly. It's still a nice purple and blue glitter, very suited for layering, but I don't like it as much as the others because, well, no holo.
3 coats Jingle Jangle with 1 coat top coat

Candy Cane isn't really a holo, either, though the macro shots seem to show some slight holographicness to it. From a normal viewing distance, though, it just looks like a pinky glitter. Again, pretty, just not awesome. It is denser than Jingle Jangle, which I appreciate, since you get good coverage with just 1 layer (over another polish), and it can more easily be worn alone.
3 coats Candy Cane with 1 coat top coat

Lastly, Gingerbread. This one's like Sugarplum Fairy and Beyond the Mistletoe in its level of holo, though it's slightly less holographic than either of those. The level of coverage is less dense than SF but denser than BtM, and it could definitely be worn alone.

The set also came with a clear top coat, which I didn't photograph, swatch, or even play with, because I was so wrapped up in the sparkle. I will include it in my final review, though!

The Sally Hansen Nail Prism set is 5 polishes, all of which have been discontinued for years.
Left to right: South Sea Pearl, South Sea Pearl (again; I have no idea why there's two with the same name, because they are definitely not the same color––maybe one is really long discontinued, and the other not as long? If anyone knows, I would be thrilled for some insight!), Mandarin Garnet, Diamond, Fire Opal

I swatched these by themselves and on top of black, since the duochromeness shows up much better over a darker color.

South Sea Pearl is a pearly cream in the bottle and by itself, but it really pops over black, shifting from a bright turquoise to purple. It's very similar to Essence Prism@tic White; I'll have comparison swatches in my full review.
2 coats South Sea Pearl

2 coats South Sea Pearl over 1 coat Wet N Wild Black Creme


South Sea Pearl (the smaller one) is really awesome. It shifts from a grey-green to bright magenta, very unique.
2 coats South Sea Pearl

2 coats South Sea Pearl over 1 coat black

Mandarin Garnet has a much subtler duochrome than either of the South Sea Pearls, but it's also got some tiny holo particles. It shifts from magenta to burnt orange (couldn't get a decently in-focus picture of the shift, sorry!) and sparkles merrily. It can be worn on its own, though the duochrome is even less evident then.
2 or 3? coats Mandarin Garnet

2 coats Mandarin Garnet over 1 coat black

Diamond is a silver holo with teeny tiny particles. When it's first applied, it just looks grey-silver, but as it dries, the holo really comes through. It's super delicate and ladylike, and oddly office appropriate, for a holo.
3 coats Diamond

2 coats Diamond over 1 coat black

Fire Opal is pretty similar to the first South Sea Pearl when worn over black, but very different on its own (and actually quite distinct over black as well, once it dries). It's a bright, happy, warm pink on its own, with some color shift, but over black it's really evident that it shifts from a dark blue to a rich purple and on to bright fuchsia. It's different enough from South Sea Pearl that I'm fine with them being in the same set.
3 coats Fire Opal (ignore that weird black dot, it's dried polish from another bottle)

2 coats Fire Opal over 1 coat black

ditto, different angle––isn't it awesome?!

Overall, I'm just thrilled to death with my acquisitions. I'm having a devil of a time trying to decide which one to wear first, though. Such is the price of too much choice! (Shout out to all my Swatties/people who've read/heard Barry Schwartz!)

What do you think of these polishes? Do you own any of them? Want any of them? And, most importantly, which do you think I should wear??
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