Thursday, July 12, 2012

30 Days: Day 12

What are your favorite "your [blank] but better" products?

All products mentioned below, minus my normal glasses
I pretty much tend to shoot for "my face but better" when it comes to makeup, so many of my products relate to that! For my face but better, I apply CoverFX ClearPrepFX primer and then put a blend of Revlon ColorStay Ivory 110 and MAC Matchmaster 1 on top. When I need extra coverage, I use Meow concealer in Sleek Siamese, because it matches my skin so well!

Nice, right?
I don't always wear eye makeup, though I never go without my HG my lashes but better Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill, which I love so much it almost makes the $30 price tag bearable. When I do opt for a full eye, my go-tos are Too Faced Heaven (the matte ivory shade from the Natural Eyes palette) on the whole lid, Too Faced Silk Teddy (the shimmery pink-peach) on my lid below the crease, and Le Métier de Beauté Corinthian in the crease. My cheeks but better are achieved by NYX Taupe as a contour and CARGO Tonga as blush (my favorite goes-with-everything shade!). My lips but better is, of course, Revlon Sugar Plum. I'm on my third tube! And I guess my hair but better should be included, since if not for Suave Captivating Curls conditioner and mousse, my hair would be (by turns) frizzy, limp, tangled, and lionesque.
And what I actually look like!
(Also used: Essence Brow Powder, Prestige Brow Gel)
What about you? Do you have any favorite "you but better" products?
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