Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lips and Tips

The lovely Larie inspired me to try matching my nail polish to my lipstick, so here's the combo I came up with!
There is no way to get nails and lips together in a photo without it looking ridiculous.
I wanted to wear the gorgeous Wet N Wild Waves of Enchantment (which according to the internet is very similar to Zoya Rica, which unlike WoE is not limited edition), and it then occurred to me that I could probably construct a lip that was similar! I first applied Guerlain Chamade, then topped it with Revlon Sweet Tart and blended them together. I finished off with a layer of Clarins Coral Pink, which gave my lips a similar golden sheen as my nails.
Trust me, I tried. (Out of focus to show the lip shimmers)
The lips were definitely less blingy than the polish, but the color scheme ended up being very similar! They're more alike in the sun than the shade, though, as the polish tends to be very orange-gold in the shade and loses the pinkness. All told, I quite liked it! And I wore it with Bella Bamba on my cheeks, which is a blush that seems to be closely related as well. Oh, coral-pink-gold, you are so summery.
Ahaha, stock photo of girl holding hand up and laughing at nothing? I don't even know.

Have you ever matched your lips and nails? What's your favorite combination?
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