Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick(ish) Reviews of Two (~)Discontinued Products and a FOTD

I got both of the products featured in today's Quick Review (CARGO Montebello SuedeBlush and Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm in 04 Coral Pink) from Liz's blog sale a couple months ago, and have just been (as usual) very slow in getting around to reviewing them, which is silly because I love them both! Unfortunately, they are both somewhat discontinued, hence the quick reviews rather than full ones.
Might as well start with the FOTD, eh? Don't mind the weird hair. Full list of products at the end of this post
First up: Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm in 04 Coral Pink!
Clarins has been repackaging and relaunching their product line recently, so the Color Quench Lip Balms now come in long slim tubes rather than the packaging I have, and the color selection no longer includes this shade, but as far as I know, the formula is unchanged.
Coral Pink is a lovely coral pink (surprise!) with gold shimmer, which mercifully is very small and subtle and does not migrate in the slightest.
It's semi-sheer, but still deposits noticeable color on my lips. theNotice reviewed one of the new shades and said that as long as you approach them as a lip gloss and not a lip balm, you'll be entirely satisfied, and I must agree. It doesn't dry my lips out, and may even moisturize them some, but it's by no means as moisturizing as a lip balm should be. It lasts about an hour on me, longer if I don't talk or drink, less if I eat, and feels very comfortable on––no stickiness or tackiness. It's great for the summer, and if you're looking for a non-sticky, lightweight gloss with shine, and sheer color, and you don't mind lightly scented products (these smell like fruit punch and taste slightly sweet, but the smell fades quickly), the Clarins Color Quench line is worth checking out. Grade: B (would be higher if not for the overhyped "balm" claims)
$18 for 0.50 oz (though this shade is no longer available), available from Clarins and wherever Clarins is carried

Montebello is one of CARGO's Suede blushes, which have three shades in a marbleized/splotchy pattern.
Oooh, ahhh, so prettyyyy
CARGO describes it as a mix of "sweet peach, sheer raspberry, and golden bronze", which is relatively accurate, though I would say the peach is really a light pink and the raspberry is far from sheer. The pattern is such that you can't use the shades individually (at least not without lots of care, and let's be honest, I am never willing to try that hard), but blended together they give a shimmery warm medium pink.
Applied sheerly (top) and swatched heavily (bottom)
It's more pink than Orgasm-type blushes, and quite shimmery, but I don't find it to emphasize the pores on my cheek. It's insanely pigmented; the first time I wore it I tried swiping my blush brush and applying, and ended up with bright clown cheeks. This is one that requires merely a tap of the brush for a natural flush; it's less care-requiring than, say, Tweak, but needs a lighter hand than Bella Bamba (review to come!) or Deep Throat. I like applying it with my fluffy Real Techniques blush brush, since that helps ensure a sheerer, less shimmery application. Like Tonga, I find Montebello wears all day on my oily skin and resists fading or separating. CARGO seems to have discontinued the Suede Blush line, as I can't find it anywhere except eBay and the CARGO website (weird). It used to be available at Bloom, but is no longer there, so all I can figure is that they've stopped making it, though why CARGO themselves still sell it is a mystery. Grade: A- 
0.421 oz for $24, available from CARGO

Might as well end with a FOTD shot as well! Hello, sunshine.
Face: Cover FX ClearPrep FX primer mixed with Revlon ColorStay Ivory 110, Meow Cosmetics Sleek Siamese concealerKryolan Anti-Shine powder
Cheeks: CARGO Montebello
Eyes: Armani Eyes to Kill mascara, Prestige brow gel, Essence brow powder
Lips: Clarins Coral Pink
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