Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some random musings (because that's what this blog has devolved into, I guess?)

Revlon is 40% off at Rite Aid this week and my ColorStay is almost out, so I took the opportunity (and this $2 off coupon, and the $1 +UP that came with the purchase of two $0.99 NYC polishes [also 40% off]) to pick up the new ColorStay Whipped cream foundation to try out. Ended up costing me a mere $5.39! If you've been wanting to give it a try but were scared off by the price tag, as I was, now's your chance!

Christine shared a few posts this weekend discussing her advice for people wanting to break into beauty blogging. The one that I found most compelling was the one on starting a beauty blog (the others discussed how she got started, and how to monetize––since trying to make money off this blog makes it feel more like work than fun for me, I didn't worry about that section!). She said to ask yourself,
"What's my spin? What's my advantage? Some bloggers are funny and witty, others are great storytellers. Do you love all high-end beauty products? Only products you can score a great deal on? Maybe you're really into base makeup. Perhaps you have a skin tone that is underrepresented within the beauty blogging community. Ify ou think about what you bring to the table, and you can't really think of anything, you might want to re-think starting a blog until you do figure it out."
So, naturally, I asked myself what my angle is. I don't have one specific area of makeup that I focus on, and am all over the board with regards to high-end/drugstore/indie. I have super pale skin, but there are many other bloggers who fill that niche (Rocaille, Elvira, Jeweled Thumb, Phyrra, theNotice...). It would seem I have no business having a beauty blog! And yet. Maybe I'm funny? I think the biggest thing for me is that I don't really care about being "successful". I write because I enjoy it, and I'm perfectly happy having my small readership. I'm not really sure why anyone finds my ramblings worth reading/responding to, but I'm glad you do! Even though I sometimes suck at posting regularly.

I've had some digestive issues for a couple of years, but I didn't really realize it until recently, in part because it just gradually got worse. But let's just say: gas, bloating, diarrhea, discomfort, etc. Not happy funtimes. After accidentally not eating dairy for a day and noticing an improvement after the fact, I decided to go off dairy entirely (or as close to entirely as I could––didn't avoid everything, because y'all, dairy is everywhere, ugh) for a week. Noticed an improvement, then accidentally ate some Goldfish crackers ("made with real cheese!" reported the boy, and we both cursed) and had the return of some symptoms. So I'm apparently lactose intolerant! Fortunately, Costco carries lactase pills, so the boy and I made the trek and I celebrated by taking one and eating about 3000 calories worth of mac and cheese. Delicious! Had some minor digestive issues the next day, but as my mother pointed out, I ate a shit ton of dairy after not really having any for awhile, so I guess that's okay? I'm going to try taking two lactase pills instead of just one when I eat anything with lots of dairy, and I'm hoping that will resolve any lingering issues. Bottom line: if you have digestive discomfort, try avoiding dairy! Then get lactase and rejoice in the ability to eat cheese again. Mm, cheeeeeese. (Now I'm hungry.)

I got square glass tiles at Ben Franklin (craft store, not founding father) and magnets to attach to them to make nail polish fridge magnets! Whee! My friend T is coming over tomorrow to make some with me, because nail polish jewelerying/magneting is much more fun with a companion, as Z and I discovered.

Recently, I've had enough time in the "morning" (I use the term lightly, especially because I sometimes shower/get ready in the afternoon post-nap as well) to do actual eye makeup looks, and it turns out the boy loves eyeshadow. Who knew? (I mean, I did, but I thought he was being sarcastic.) The only non-neutrals I have are the right side of Comfort Zone (green!) and theBalm Jealous Jordana, which is lovely but prone to fallout (blergh). I feel like I need some purples, because green and purple are the two colors that I feel okay wearing on my eyes, so I looked online and then dragged the boy swatching at the tiny Sephora inside JCPenney that we have here. 
I'm currently leaning towards the Too Faced Romantic palette, because it has a nice variety and the colors aren't too bold, and I figure it's better to ease myself into it, but bareMinerals' The Inspiration and Hourglass Exhibition are both gorgeous as well...
See? Pretty! (The Inspiration on the left, Exhibition on the right)
Holding off on purchasing anything in case I get any (more! Thanks, Z!) gift cards for my birthday (doubtful, but a girl can hope). Also, my most recent order put me at VIB status, which is simultaneously exciting and depressing. So much money! Spent on beauty! Sigh. But I got a 10% discount code, so I'll definitely be using that to snag some eyeshadow pretties. But also, any suggestions from y'all for nice purple palettes? That aren't too colorful?

And that is all the energy I have for today. Look forward to a couple of actual beauty-related posts in the near future! Whoa!

What random ramblings do you have to share?
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