Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in 110 Ivory Review and Swatches

Thanks to a sale and coupon combo, I was recently able to snag the new Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation for a mere $5.39. Since my normal liquid Colorstay is almost out, I of course took the opportunity to pick it up. So what's the verdict?
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Crème Makeup in Ivory 110, sitting atop a pile of papers I had to grade because I was too lazy to clean off my desk before taking pictures...

HAHAHA, like I'm actually going to be able to summarize my thoughts so quickly. But here are the pros and cons, because I don't feel like writing connected sentences:
It in its pristine, untouched glory (which is pretty much what it looks like every day, since it melts back into a smooth surface after use)
Awesome texture––seriously, it's the most fun foundation to put on that I've yet to encounter. Smooth and creamy and spreadable and soft and just delicious
Good color match; marginally darker than the liquid Colorstay in the same shade, which is great for me in the summer
Unlike the normal Colorstay, this has no "foundation-y" scent! Yay!
Offers nice medium-to-full coverage and can be built up without caking
When worn over primer, lasts all day and looks flawless
Have I mentioned how awesome the texture is?!

Somewhat lackluster when worn without primer––I found it couldn't stand up to my oil and looked faded and patchy after a few hours
Packaging isn't the most sanitary thing ever, as you have to dip your fingers (or your brush, though I find that fingers are the way to go) straight into the tub. I don't mind, because I always apply foundation right after washing my hands because I am OCD about having anything on them (which is why, in the course of applying my makeup, I wash my hands 5+ times...)
Expensive for a drugstore foundation; full price it's $13.99 at Rite Aid (probably less at Target or Wal-Mart)
Left to right: Whipped Creme Ivory 110, Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Ivory 110, MAC Matchmaster 1

Now, I have super oily skin and I like medium+ buildable coverage, and I find that this foundation serves my needs admirably. I don't know how it would be on dry skin, though I imagine it would work fine, as cream foundations are generally more moisturizing than liquids. Like the normal Colorstay, I find the Whipped Creme version works much, much better when worn over primer, and have read reviews from other oily-skinned folk (Nouveau Cheap in particular) that it has a tendency to settle into pores, so I would guess that, on its own, it works best for normal to dry skin. However, if you have oily skin and also a trusty primer (mine's Cover FX ClearPrep FX) and can catch it on sale (and can find a shade that works!), I think the Whipped Creme foundation is worth checking out!

To summarize: Great coverage, awesome texture, less than sanitary packaging (though I love how weighty the glass is!), awesome over primer, probably best for normal-to-dry skin. Compared to the normal liquid Colorstay (combination/oily), the Whipped Creme version is thicker, as one would expect from a cream, offers more coverage, is way more fun to apply, and is extremely similar in color to the corresponding shade in the original line. If you want more coverage or have dry skin, go for the creme; if you want more flexibility or have oily skin (and no primer), go for the liquid. Or you could pull an Amy and get both!

~$13.99 for 0.80 oz, available from drugstores

Quality: 9
Effectiveness: 4 (24 hour wear? Pshaw. But it does do an admirable 14 hours [over primer])
Ease of Use: 4.5
Senses: 5 (doesn't seem to have broken me out, though with the state my skin's in, it's hard to tell...)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 4.5
Consistency: 5 (have I mentioned how much fun the texture is?!)
Price: 3.5 (expensive for drugstore if not on sale, but with coupons and sale, more like a 5!)
Value: 4
Grade: B+ (A- with primer)

Have you tried this foundation yet? Are you interested? What are your favorite drugstore foundations?
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