Saturday, July 28, 2012

Skincare Saturday: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

It's been ages since I've done an SS post! It's not that I haven't been using skincare stuff (including 2 as-yet unreviewed on the blog products), it's just that I'm trying to build a fully informed opinion before I share anything. My skin is very persnickety, and it takes awhile before I feel I can say something is making a difference, though I tend to cut out anything I think may be making me break out without fully testing it. This did not have that particular problem, shockingly, but...
First Aid Beauty Cleanser, image via Sephora

It did make me develop dry scaly patches on my face. They started around my mouth, then after a couple more times of using it they appeared on my cheeks, jawbone, and nose. On the upside, it didn't seem to make me break out, and did seem to calm down some of my redness. But dry scaly patches on an otherwise oily face? Not fun. I mean, they're never fun, but especially when accompanied by oil.

In consistency, it's a light cream/mousse with subtle luminescence (not shimmer, but it's real pretty to look at!). The hole in the lid is rather much larger than it needs to be, and I found I had to be careful not to dispense, like, 3x more than I needed, and it was nicely foamy (though not nearly as much as BE's cleanser). All of that is overshadowed by the terrible dry patches, though, and it is currently in my car to be returned the next time I'm on that side of town. I plan on exchanging it for my trusty Philosophy Purity, because I guess it's better to stick to something I know and like than risk breaking out, or, y'know, dry scaly patches. But others have had great success with it, so try not to let my tale of woe scare you off! $18 for 5 oz, available from Sephora

Have you tried the FAB cleanser? What's your favorite cleanser?
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