Monday, September 17, 2012

Travel Beauty: Part II

I'm home again, which means a return of semi-regular posting! Yippee. I had a really lovely trip, which I will talk more about soon, but right now I am barely coherent and very sleepy, so will instead throw some pictures at you. This post covers the non-liquid beauty items I brought with me (aka, the things that were not easily accessible to me during my layover; those that were can all be found in Part I), as well as all the things I purchased on my trip (which I define as being "after I left Eugene", not just "on the East Coast", since I got some stuff in Portland before leaving).

What I Brought
Brushes: I picked up the Real Techniques Starter Set (purple) and Core Collection (orange), but switched out a couple of the brushes for others in my collection, so I ended up bringing, left to right, top to bottom: RT base shadow, RT crease, RT accent, Sonia Kashuk crease, RT brow, RT contour, Ecotools concealer, RT detailer (which I used as a lip brush), RT buffing, elf Powder, and RT blush brushes. The cases that the Real Techniques brushes came with are really handy for traveling, but a pain in the butt for everyday use––it's so much effort to get the brushes back into their elastic bands! Definitely preferable to stick them in another container when not traveling.

Color: Clockwise from top, Inglot 5 pan palette, including 352, 32, 415, 428, and 439, CARGO Tonga, NARS Deep Throat, Essence eyebrow stylist set, Illamasqua Tweak, Tarina Tarantino Fantastical, and Kryolan Anti-Shine powder.

Things I Bought

Hair: Technically, I had the boy buy this for me, since he got in to Baltimore in the morning rather than at midnight, so he had some time to go by the drugstore and get hair stuff for me before the wedding (isn't he the best?). He picked up, at my request, Tresemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted conditioner, and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted mousse (not pictured, as I didn't like it so didn't bring it home with me––I'd requested Suave Captivating Curls mousse, but after looking at 3 different drugstores with no luck, he picked up 3 other mousses and let me have my pick of them––what a guy! Made my hair crunchy, sadly, but it was better than nothing).

Everything else, in no particular order: Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Sets, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest (finally spotted it at Ricky's, and snatched it up, in spite of the stupid name and sales tax, and I regret nothing!), Secret mini deodorant (which I got at Safeway in Portland because I thought I'd left my Degree mini at home, only to realize a couple hours later that I'd stuck it in a different bag, oh well), Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Cream (which I bought after my argan oil leaked everywhere, leaving me without moisturizer), Nivea Soft and Nivea Creme (which I bought after the Garnier proved insufficient for helping heal my burned-by-clay-mask face [a tale of woe, I'll tell you about it soon]; I couldn't decide between them, and as they were only $1 apiece I decided to buy both. Soft ended up being perfect, so Creme is still unopened, waiting to be used), NYX HD Concealer in Fair (the second-lightest shade, which is actually still too light for me––WHAT IS THIS MADNESS), Lipstick Queen Big Bang gloss in Cosmos (my New York trip souvenir purchase, and yes, it is awesome), and Eve Lom samples from Barneys.

I'll have full posts for all my new stuff up in the next few weeks, but right now, I must go to bed! I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and catching up on my feed––so many unread posts! So many comments to leave!

How've you been?
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