Saturday, September 8, 2012

Skincare Saturday: Makeup Artist's Choice 100% Pure Virgin Argan Oil

I ordered a bunch of stuff from MUAC last month (as well as some stuff in May, which I still have yet to review...), and one of the things I've liked best is their Argan Oil.
image via MUAC

My skin, for those of you who haven't heard it a bajillion times (hello, new readers!), is very oily and acne-prone, as well as sensitive to the weirdest shit. I try to make sure my skin doesn't get dehydrated, though, and used Uncommon Scents' Amber Cream for years (a 4 oz tube of it lasts more than a year, cray cray!), but after reading lots of people say that jojoba and argan oil are really good moisturizers for oily skin, I decided to give it a try.

The MUAC argan oil comes in an amber-colored glass jar with dropper. In terms of texture, it's like all oils, somewhat drippy but thicker than water. I find that 2 drops is enough to moisturize my face, 3 if it's feeling a little dry, 4 if I've been too enthusiastic with exfoliation. I gently massage it into my face using my fingers, and it absorbs within a couple minutes, making it great for pre-makeup application. I don't notice much of a scent, and the moisturizing effect is immediate, with my skin feeling plump, soft, and happy. I also find it works great on blemishes to help keep them from getting dried out and crusty (ew, I'm sorry), and while it hasn't miraculously cleared up my skin, it hasn't broken me out further, either. MUAC also recommends using their argan oil after some of the milder peels, as well as on body, hair, and nails.

Overall, I'm very pleased. A little goes a long way, it effectively moisturizes without clogging or being shiny, and I always feel so professional squeezing the vial dropper (what, it's fun!). MUAC offers free priority shipping on all orders, and they often have sale codes, so I definitely recommend signing up for emails. I'll be reviewing other products I've tried from them over the next weeks (possibly months), and while they haven't all worked as well as the argan oil, that's due (I think) to my finicky skin and not any lack of quality on their part.
$10 for 1 oz, available from Makeup Artist's Choice
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