Friday, September 7, 2012

Travel Beauty: Part I

My flight is delayed an hour out of DFW, so I figured why not write a blog post?! About the liquid items I brought with me, since those are the ones I have the easiest access to. Please forgive the crappy photos; I obviously did not bring anything approximating a lightbox with me (nor can I go outside to snap in the sunshine). I'm also in too much of a time crunch to bother linking to everything, so this is a (refreshingly?) link-free post.

I chose to bring just perfume sample vials. It appears (and by appears, I mean smells) like my beloved Sonoma Scent Studio Forest Walk leaked some in transit. So now everything in my baggie smells like forest! Which is great, but I would rather I smell like forest. Ah well. At least I was already planning on buying a bigger vial! I brought one Guerlain, Derby, which I am wearing right now––I think it's too heavy to wear while flying, but I dabbed some off before I left which helped. I adore the chypreness of it, but I forgot that airports are always way overly warm. All others are Sonoma Scent as well: Cameo (to wear to the wedding, 'cause it's classy as fuck [just like me, clearly]), Velvet Rose (probably should have grabbed Champagne de Bois instead, but it's too late now!), and Jour Ensoilellé (which is what I should have worn for this flight stuff).

Philosophy Purity, natch. And OH HEY it looks like my little contact case with Shiseido oil cleanser (frontmost case) leaked, too! Like whoa. And I don't have any napkins, shit. It's...fine. Also brought a sample vial of H2O makeup remover, courtesy of my mother (forgot to include it in the big skincare picture, so I had to hold it to make it feel better about being left out), contact cases with benzoyl peroxide prescription cream (fun, I know), MAC Matchmaster (the filling up of this contact case resulted in the emptying of my bottle! WHOA!), and Makeup Artist's Choice Argan Oil (review...tomorrow, I think) (I realize I can check that, so I did, and yes, tomorrow). Also, I am going to need to wipe down my keyboard and beauty supplies like whoa. I also brought along the little samples from MUAC of their Decongestant Mask and French Green Clay Mask (reviews to come; I am particularly fond of the clay one).

10 minutes later: ALRIGHT GUYS, I just got done wiping everything down. That damn oil cleanser got all over the stuff towards the bottom of the bag. I'm wrapping it up securely in paper towels and hoping it behaves itself better on the next flight! Also, do you feel like I'm liveblogging this? Because I am. Like I could invent crazy-ass stream-of-consciousness rambling like this on my own, HA. Okay, I probably could, but why would I?! I sound like a crazy person! And I generally try to keep that under wraps.


A new bottle of Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, because my nails have gone to shit, again, and I didn't want to risk chipping polish for the wedding! And a little thingy of L'Occitane hand cream, courtesy of Sephora.

This is obviously not all the makeup I brought with me–HA! There's more below, in fact. But this is all the liquid stuff! Cover FX Clearprep FX, my new bottle of Revlon Colorstay Ivory 110, NYX HD Concealer in Fair (purchased yesterday), Maybelline Full N Soft mascara (day before yesterday), Armani Eyes to Kill mascara (because even though it's started to flake on me, nothing gives me prettier lashes), Prestige brow gel, Shiseido Nymph, and LMdB Purple Haze.

Toothpaste and emergency conditioner. Exciting.

Here's all of it restuffed into my quart-sized bag:

I also brought along another bag with solids that I thought I might want to have access to. And that I didn't want to risk losing. Mostly lippies, of course.
Jack Black Grapefruit & Ginger lip balm, Fresh Sugar lip balm (the former for bedtime, the latter for pre-lipstick), Revlon lip butters in Sugar Plum (surprise?!) and Sweet Tart, YSL Glossy Stain in 11 Rouge Gouache (I had not intended to bring this with me, but I was unable to get to Sephora before I left so I figured I would just take it with me and return it in New York), Dior Rouge Dior in Rouge Favori, Revlon lip liner in Red, Sephora lip brush, and Degree mini deodorant (on clearance at Target for $0.82!). The Jack Black and YSL should technically be in the other bag, and the JB was before I flew, but really nobody cares that much.

So there's that! I'll post the rest of what I brought at some later point. The pictures will probably be better. And I may be less spastic (though no guarantees).

ETA: Arrived safely to Baltimore (where it is entirely too humid, even at 1 in the morning. Why does anyone live on the East Coast?!), dashed to take my shower, only to discover that my Argan Oil leaked, too. I'm just an idiot, basically. Though for what it's worth, I did make sure to turn the cap extra tight. Perhaps that would have worked if I hadn't gotten the contact cases at the dollar store...also, I have approximately 2 days' worth of moisturizer now. Any recs for cheap drugstore options that are good for sensitive skin?
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