Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Summary

Tomorrow is the first day of school, which is pretty much always preceded by a massive freakout on my part. Sure, I've been doing it for 17 years, but every year (actually just about every term) I become convinced that I'm going to fail and be thrown out of school in disgrace. Knowing how absurdly illogical that is has not yet been sufficient to keep the panic from appearing, but maybe this is the year that will change! I plan to try and finish tidying my rooms and do lots of blog stuff to keep my mind off of it, so you can probably look forward to a slew of posts this next week as a result of my productivity!

Here are some pictures of the past few days for your entertainment.
The first Tibalu delivery! (Tibalu is my mother's new business; she makes seasoned nuts and granola clusters that are out of this world delicious, and I get to eat all the leftovers, whoooo!) 48 bags each of Jamaican Jerk mild hot, Dark Chocolate, Thai Green Curry, and Blueberry, and 24 bags of Jamaican Jerk Extra Spicy, headed for the UO to be sold in 6 of the cafes on campus. I'm so proud of her! And excited to buy my very first retail Tibalu bag. If you're not in the Eugene area but want to try some, let me know and we'll see what we can arrange (she also makes baller granola which is not currently available for sale to anyone, but I anticipate that will change sometime soon as everyone absolutely loves it). You should also like the Tibalu Facebook page and Twitter! Especially because I'm the administrator behind the Twitter account, and will therefore probably throw in random shit completely unrelated to the business. And also I am currently the only person following Tibalu, which is just sad.

Yesterday was the inaugural game of the real football season. I used it as an excuse to paint my nails yellow and green; I did 3 coats of Sinful Colors Canary Yellow topped with 1 coat of Sinful Colors Green Ocean, and 2 coats of Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost topped with 1 coat of NYX Gold Glitter. Left hand is predominantly yellow with green accent nail, right hand is the opposite. This is the only reason I care about sports––I use it as nail inspiration! And proudly did not watch any of the game, though I did check the score this morning––49-0 Ducks. Woohoo, I guess?

My mother and I went to a tea place in Junction City yesterday for high tea, which was delightful. Here's the rack of food they brought us––the scones were delicious (actually, it was all delicious!). We drank Earl Grey Cream, which smelled amazing and has reignited a desire to find a good Earl Grey perfume, though the cream I added to my tea was too much for the lactase I took and I had an angry tummy yesterday (and still somewhat today, what fun). Totally worth it, though! And since coffee makes my body just about as angry as dairy, I'll be drinking a lot of tea this winter––and I need to find some lactose-free half-and-half (does that even exist?) to add to it. Not to mention buy some nice teas, yum!

And last but not least, baby watermelon: the finale.
Nana picked all the watermelons and in the process of removing the stem from BW it broke open because it was just that ripe! I ate some of it, and it was delicious, though subtler than the watermelons you buy at the store. It pretty much didn't grow much at all for the last few weeks, but I'm looking forward to seeing how the watermelons next summer turn out!

What's been happening in your lives this week? Do/did you get back-to-school jitters? How do you feel about football?
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