Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chop Chop

I got my hair cut!
I now have bangs. And rather short hair. I like it! I've had short hair on-and-off since I was in middle school, but it's been awhile since the last time and I really like it. The bangs necessitate more effort than I'm used to putting into my hair; I have to blow dry them, then pull them back to apply my makeup, then straighten them (using a tiny Revlon travel straightener, since my hairdresser said the mini ones are better for bangs since you can get up close to the roots; she was, as always, right). But it's only 5 minutes or so, and up to this point it hasn't been too annoying! I am, however, looking for something that I can put in my bangs to keep them from getting static-y. It's not too bad, but I imagine once it gets rainy again I'll need some nice anti-frizz, anti-static stuff. Any suggestions? I think a spray would work best for my hair, since it's very fine and easily weighted-down, but I'm willing to try pretty much anything!

Do you ever change up your hair? What's your current hairstyle?
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