Thursday, June 21, 2012

30 Days: Day 11

Hey, y'all! I'm writing this (note; the post itself was written awhile ago) from Bandon on the Oregon coast, a lovely little town. My mother and I came for a few days for a much-needed vacation, and so far it has been lovely. I've taken lots of pictures, but unfortunately forgot to bring my camera cord, so a full post will have to wait until I get home, at which point I will also catch up on comments and other blogs. Until then, though, have another 30 Days!

Show us your lippie collection! (Where "lippie" includes anything tinted you wear on lips, because I forgot to include lip balm and am too lazy to take more pictures.)

Full-coverage lipsticks: L'Oréal Infallible Le Rouge in Bold Bordeaux, Sephora Rouge Cream in Sexy Game, Clinique High Impact Lip Color in After Party
I rarely wear any of these, because I tend to not go for opaque lipstick, since I find it to be much less forgiving. I absolutely loathe the L'Oréal lipstick, and will post my scathing review once I take some more swatch pictures (the ones I have right now are after I fiddled with it for awhile to try and make it work, which is not as accurate a portrayal as I would like). The Sephora lipstick is a pretty color, it's just, again, really opaque, and I may throw it out. The Clinique is also very dark and vampy, but I find I can apply it sheerly when I want, and it was my first department store beauty purchase, so I'll hold onto it for sentimentality's sake if nothing else!

Lipgloss: Revlon Colorburst in Strawberry, Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker in Light Pink
I'm not much of a lipgloss girl, so my collection is understandably sparse in that regard. I really do love the Physicians Formula gloss, and the color and formula of the Revlon is great, I just don't like the glitter. (Note: I've added one more to this set since I took these pictures a few weeks ago, but haven't had the chance to take a picture of it and don't have access to it right now [I'm writing this at the beach!]. My apologies.)

I used to have 2 more of these, but I'm not sure where they went (the same place that the missing socks go, I'm guessing?). I like these because they're foolproof and decently moisturizing; I don't like them because the shimmery ones feel a bit gritty, the cream ones don't last very long, they tingle, and the lids have cracked! Which can only mean the product will dry out faster, boo. Dazzled and Glitzy I wear occasionally, while Swank I almost never wear (it's gone within half an hour, so frustrating!). They're nice to have on hand for quick application, and they do moisturize my lips some, but they're not my most-used items.

I kind of have a thing for the Revlon lip butters, clearly. I've managed to finish two tubes of Sugar Plum, which is freakin' amazing considering how many lippies I have. Berry Smoothie's a very pretty color, but I'm not crazy about the shimmer (and it feels a little gritty), though it's almost gone (yay!). Sweet Tart is a wonderful warm happy pink, and I will have a review of it up soon, and Red Velvet is a wearable, easy cool red. I wear the L'Oréal when I want something creamy and don't want to worry at all about application; it's pretty sheer, so there's really no way to eff it up. (I should have included Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Modern Mauve here, but I forgot to. Whoops. I almost never wear it, because it doesn't last at all, but I've not yet quite reached the point where I feel I should throw it out.)

I felt these deserved their own section (though if I weren't segregating them, Dragon and Fraise Crème would be the "liquid lipstick" category, Chamade would go with sheer lipsticks, and Plum 600 would go with full-coverage lippies). Dragon is the ultimate red lip, and I almost never wear it, but am very glad to have it in my collection. Everyone needs a killer red! Chamade is a lovely pink-tangerine, though I wish it lasted longer on me. Plum 600 is quite opaque while still being somewhat luminous, and it's my favorite for cool makeup looks, since its vibrant pink-magenta-plum is just so happy. And Fraise Crème, a gift from dear L, works just as well in the sun as it does as a holiday lip, I've been happy to discover! The gold shimmer complements warmer makeup looks just wonderfully.

What does your lippie collection look like? What kinds of products do you gravitate towards?
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