Monday, June 25, 2012

Beauty "Duh!" Moments

Do you ever have moments where you realize there's a much better way to do something than the way you've been doing it? Good Lord I hope so, because I have them pretty often. I've had a couple of beauty-related ones recently that I thought I should share, and hopefully get further ideas from y'all!

I used to layer my Cover FX primer over my sunscreen, under my foundation. One day I was in a hurry and didn't want to wait for the various layers to all dry, so I decided to combine the primer and foundation steps, and wow. So much better! Not only does it save on time (only one step rather than two), but it also saves on product––I find I use a lot less primer, and a fair amount less foundation, when I blend them together (in my palm, and then apply with fingers), without sacrificing coverage! The primer makes the foundation just glide over my face, and keeps me just as shine-free as when I layered them. I find it works better with my Revlon ColorStay foundation rather than my MAC Matchmaster, perhaps because the former is thinner and creamier so it mixes better (the latter also works so well on its own that I hardly need primer). But moral of the story: Primer and foundation are better together.

I've also found that using my Sephora smudge brush to apply brow powder is so much more effective than using an angled eyeshadow brush (too wide, product would go where I didn't want it to) or gel eyeliner brush (too thin, took too much time). The smudge brush is dense and pretty thin, so it's great at filling in my brows really quickly and easily, and the size makes it such that I can get pretty accurate placement. It wouldn't work if you're wanting to do fancy eyebrow shaping or anything, but if you're like me and just need to fill in and even out your brows, I definitely recommend trying a smudge brush!

What are your favorite beauty tricks? I'm all ears!
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