Friday, June 15, 2012


Okay sort of. I am finished with my own work. But I still have 75 finals to grade. WHATEVER. I still went out and got kind of drunk (maybe more than kind of?) off of cider and shots. And maybe some stolen PBR. (Stolen from another grad student, not from the bar. Geez, people, give me some credit.)

BUT HI GUYS! I ate some beans and cheese and crispy burritos, and now I am eating some fresh strawberry pie with whipped cream, and my stomach is very happy. Also, my boyfriend (GUYS I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!) is coming back from Canada tonight and maybe he will help me eat my pie. It was a big piece of pie, ok?

I am definitely going to place a Surrender to Chance order, even though Mint will send me an angry email saying "you exceeded your Personal Care budget!", but I don't care because I SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR AS A PHD STUDENT. Also, I have a job this summer! Teaching English! Making bank! So I don't have to stress about money so much. I'll provide more details in my monthly summary post. Which is somehow only 2 weeks away??? ALSO GUYS I HAVE THE HICCUPS. It's not great. So um, what's new with you?

I'm going to now go research floral perfumes, because I feel like I should have more floral perfumes in my collection, even though I don't really like floral perfumes. Ummmm that is a lot of "floral perfumes". ANYWAYS.

HI! What's new?

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