Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Summary

Okay, I'm taking a little break from my finals-slaying to post a few links that I found particularly enjoyable this past week. Because yes, even when I'm drowning in work, I still find (make?) time to stalk my favorite blogs!

Beauty Reductionista (who is awesome, and whose inventory posts I plan to imitate) requests that bloggers stop using word verification for their comments. It's well-written, nice, and so true. I hate those things. (Not well-written or nice, so obviously, go read hers!)

Sarah from Chalkboard Nails (also awesome) does a guest post for Fashion Polish (ditto) on her splatter mani. So pretty! Sometime when the weather's nice and I've got the time, I will have to try it.

Out in a Pout gives the three things that a skincare "expert" says that show the contrary. Very interesting!

Scrangie posts a NOTD of Nfu Oh 51 over Spa Ritual Blue Moon. It is beautiful. I want the Nfu Oh.

Temptalia shares a video on her makeup storage system. Confession: I haven't watched the whole thing (it's half an hour long), but if you're looking for tips on organizing your stash, who better than the queen of beauty blogging to turn to?

Lipglossiping writes a hilarious post on the new Tweezerman "cheetah" tweezers. It includes advice on whether to climb a tree to escape from a hungry cat or not. Read it.

And, as usual, a couple of Dinosaur Comics that made me giggle: one on opera as drug (including bonus Batman!) and the dramz that divorce will one day wreak. Giggle snort.

Now, off to finish my syntax final! Any links that have caught your eye? (Since, c'mon, there's only so much finaling I can take without a break.)
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