Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream: A Non-Review

Alright, I haven't actually gotten the chance to swatch this yet (still going through my self-imposed polish absence while I try out Nailtiques), so I can't speak to its wear or show any pretty swatchy pictures. I did put it on my nail wheel, though, and it's so flippin' gorgeous that I figure doing two posts (this non-one and a real review) is perfectly acceptable.

So, Mermaid's Dream is a crazy-beautiful combination of seafoam green (my favorite color!) metallic/frosty/shimmer base (which, I've now noticed, is duochrome! Holy cow, this polish does it all! It shifts from a more yellow-green to a cool light blue, not terribly dramatic but definitely there), gold glitter, and dark blue hex glitter. It is really, truly, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I like to just look at the bottle and nail wheel swatch because it's impossible to be anything short of gleeful when doing so.
3 coats without top coat

3 coats with 1 coat (freshly applied) Gelous (I apologize for the blurriness!)
It's really opaque, and you get completely full coverage with 3 coats. It's also quite bumpy and eats top coat; on the nail wheel swatch, I put on a thick coat of Gelous, took the picture, then a few minutes later put on another coat of Gelous, since it had seeped in some, and the next day yet another coat of Gelous. But seriously. Look at it. I would use an entire bottle of Gelous just to be able to wear that.

Mermaid's Dream is $18 (oh, the pain––if it weren't my favorite color, so completely unique, and limited edition, I would never have been able to rationalize it) for 0.50 oz. If you want it, GET IT NOW. It's sold out from Nordstrom online, but I imagine you would have better luck finding it in stores, and it's still available from Neiman Marcus (which is where I ordered from, free shipping with FSMAR). Purchase now or forever hold your peace.
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