Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Summary

Happy Sunday! I hope the lost hour isn't affecting you too terribly, though I know I'm certainly feeling grouchy about it. I've spent the weekend doing lots of work, as always, but I've also gone out and been social every night (which is extremely rare for me!), plus I have a date this evening. I'd be able to enjoy it more if I didn't have a presentation tomorrow! Ah well, at least I'm not bored :-)

There were a lot of great posts this week (I feel like I say that every week, but by golly, it's true!).
Getting Cheeky reviews Illamasqua's Panic blush, an intensely saturated red. It's gorgeous and pigmented, though I wonder if there's any way I could apply it and not end up looking like a crazed clown!
Messy Wands continues to make me want to buy all the things with her post on Guerlain's Rouge G in Garçonne. I don't even wear red lipstick often enough to justify having more than one (two tops), but it's just so freakin' beautiful! And $48, will just have to hang out on my wishlist for the next decade or so.
Scrangie has a great comparison post of Max Factor Fantasy Fire and Clarins 230, Urban Decay Toxin, and Nfu Oh 51. So gorgeous! And so hard to find! If you're in Great Britain and want to do a swap, let me know, because I would just love to get my hands on that pretty. She also has swatches of the upcoming China Glaze Prismatic Chroma glitter polishes. Some of them are cool, but I'm still not sold...I hope I can find the Wet N Wild ones that are supposed to be popping up soon so that I can only have to pay $3 instead of $8!
theNotice points out how incredibly uncomfortable and unhappy the models in the new Tom Ford Metallics adverts look. Really, just...why?
Rescue Beauty Lounge is releasing the new Fan Collection soon, and wowzers, the swatches are gorge. Check out Nails and Noms, All Lacquered Up, and Scrangie for the lovelies. I want Halcyon like whoa.
Speaking of RBL, here's the post that the owner/creator Ji wrote about the unfortunate necessity of price increases (RBL polishes are now $20, up from $18). I so appreciate it when companies (though it's really only small indie companies, since the big corporations couldn't give a fig) communicate with their customer base. The price hike is a bummer, but after reading that post, it's impossible to be upset about it! I just want to give Ji a hug, haha!
Temptalia has some amazeballs swatches of Ozotic 505, a crazy multichrome beauty. Wants.
KarlaSugar informs us of her favorite basecoats, and I now have another nail treatment to try (I'm trying to give Nailtiques a fair shot, though that means at least another couple weeks of no polish! *sob*).
Nihrida has swatches of yet another multichrome, this time Ludurana Show from the Aurora Boreal collection. Makes me want to visit Brazil, stat!

As far as non-beauty posts go, I recommend checking out The Hairpin for some musings on the birth control "debate" and the effect of a trans-vaginal ultrasound. I thank God there are amazing women like these who can so beautifully articulate why the birth control debate is about women, not old white dudes' "religious freedom". (This may be one of my favorite topics to rant about. I'm a fun drunk, what can I say.)
On a happier note, some pictures of friggin' adorable squirrels, a comic wherein dinosaurs compare food to sex (the last panel IS MY LIFE), a slideshow of the happiest animals in the world (just try and be sad, I dare you), and a few of Japan's cute animal celebrities (the tiny kitten is just aaaaah so damn cute, and the bottom-most picture is one of my wallpapers and always makes me giggle uncontrollably).

What links have you been loving?
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