Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fyrinnae Swatches, Part II

And here's the second part of my Fyrinnae order! You can find part one here. These are all Arcane Magic shadows, which are duochrome, so naturally I had to get a few. I don't even want to talk about how long it took me to narrow down which ones to order...
The rightmost 3 are featured in this post: Evocation, Sorceress, and Raven's Prophecy.

Evocation was a natural pick, since hello, it's DUOCHROME TAUPE! *flails* It's a neutral taupe base that color shifts from rose to green. It is awesome. The duochrome shift isn't crazy dramatic, so it doesn't swamp the taupiness of the shadow, but it is still there, giving a bit of a kick. This is the one shade that I've actually tried to wear on my eyes; it's...still a work in progress (see below).

Evocation looking rosy and very similar to Koala (I had a dickens of a time figuring out which swatch was which!)...

But whoa, green!

And here it is showing both colors at once. Subtle, but amazing!

The other two Arcane Magics I got because 1) the color change looked too awesome not to, and 2) I figured I could wear them wet as eyeliners, since lord knows they're both far more dramatic than my skills permit.
Raven's Prophecy is awesomely glittery and sparkly, but the color shift is less dramatic than Sorceress, so I thought I should show it first. Fyrinnae's description is spot-on: Deep black, this shadow glitters with lime and pale blue. Closer to light or at different angles, and the sparkle takes on a pink and turquoise appearance. And check it out, my photos actually show that! Wow!

Here it is looking green and bluey head-on (I apologize for the blurriness, but it was the only way to get the sparkle to show up accurately)...
And here it is looking pink and turquoise! Though you can see a bit of the blue/green at the bottom.
Sorceress is just glorious. The whole shadow, not just sparkles, shifts from turquoise to dark blue to purple to magenta. I don't think I was quite able to capture just how crazy the color-shift is, but I took a bunch of pictures so hopefully you'll get some idea. (Also: I tried to get this picture and text to align like the ones before, but fucking Blogger is NOT cooperating. My apologies. And rage.)

It actually gets even more magenta/red-toned than the last photo shows, but my camera wasn't able to capture it. But isn't it pretty? *Sigh*

I tried one day to wear Evocation on my lid and Sorceress along my lash line; it was not as successful as I'd hoped, because Evocation ended up going above my crease more than I wanted it to, and once you apply it it pretty much won't budge, but I did like Sorceress wet as a liner (though I don't actually have a bent eyeliner brush that I can use for eyelining right now, since the only one I had I've been using to clean up my cuticles post-manicure, and you really don't want to put a brush that's been intimately acquainted with 100% acetone near your eye!; the point of that story is that I had to use my smudge brush, which gave a thicker line than I really would like, so before I wear it again I'll have to stop by Target and get another bent eyeliner brush, blergh). Here are a couple of really crappy pictures of my sad attempt; I promise I will try again sometime and post an EOTD that actually looks presentable, assuming I can ever create one that does! Loose shadow is so challenging (I don't care what you say, Lizzy, it's true!).

I think I need to be more precise in my placement of Pixie Epoxy. That, or get lasik so that I can actually see what I'm doing when I'm applying eye makeup!

There's one more post in my Fyrinnae series, on their Pixie Epoxy, but I hope my swatches (blurry as many of them are!) helped show at least some of the complexity in these gorgeous shadows. These can all be purchased from Fyrinnae.

What do you think of the Arcane Magics? Do you have any that are your favorite?
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