Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Summary

Happy Sunday! It was gloriously sunny and warm here this weekend, which made it extra painful that I had to stay inside doing work. Only 2 weeks left of classes, and the work is steadily piling up. I was able to be pretty productive this weekend, though, which has helped alleviate some of the panic!

nailXchange did a lovely tutorial on gradient nails. Maybe once I have time to do things like paint my nails I'll give it a try!
Cute and Mundane reviewed the new (LE?) NARS shadow, 413 BLKR, named after their flagship store at 413 Bleecker in New York. It's a lavender grey, and I think I want it even more than Lhasa! Depending on how much else I buy in New York, I may have to go by the store and get one for myself. So pretty!
The Swatchaholic has gorgeous swatches of a new Essence Colour & Go mini nail polish, called A Lovely Secret. I'm madly hoping that it's available in the US! Periwinkle with unusual shimmer? That's, like, amazing.
Almost as amazing as the new LE Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream. This is a seafoam green glitter, and seeing Nails and Nom's and the Beauty Reductionista's swatches of it convinced me to buy it. Seafoam green is my favorite color (and has been since, like, middle school––I love the ocean), and it's such a gorgeous, unique polish that I decided I would regret it forever if I didn't get it. At least, that's what I'm telling myself, to help soften the $18 price tag (ouch). But seriously: check out those swatches (and bottle pics), and this awesome macro. Can you resist?
KarlaSugar, blogger extraordinaire, has swatches of the new Cle De Peau Enriched Lip Luminizers, which are replacing their cult classic Extra Silky Lipstick (Temptalia's fave!). An updated formula accompanies the new case-and-refill model; the case is $25, and the refills are $35, making the initial price steeper than the Extra Silkys ($60 vs. $52), but it's definitely a better value if you'll be purchasing more than once! I can almost justify $35 for a lipstick, but $60 is just so far beyond my comprehension...maybe someday!
Messy Wands has lip swatches of the new Le Métier de Beauté Aurora Lip Kaleidoscope. It does make for a lovely pink lip, and I do love the Lip Crème formula, but for $95, it would have to be something really phenomenal before I would consider buying. If they ever put out one that has all plums, berries, and pinky-neutrals, I am screwed.

And, for non-beauty links:
This isn't from the last week, but I only read it recently, so I'm including it anyways! The one titled "Math" is the one to read (and laugh about).
Also, tupperware.
And, SO ADORABLE (as long as we ignore the name)! Maybe I should get a porcupine instead of a bunny (in my hypothetical world where I can afford a pet/have the patience to pet-proof my living space).
Most importantly, I only just discovered The Bloggess. How did I not know about her before?!?! My God, she is wonderful. I laughed, I cried, I procrastinated like crazy. Go now.

How has your weekend been? What links have caught your eye this week? 
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