Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have slayed (that is *fine*, spellcheck, stop trying to make "slain/slew" happen!) the dragon...

And am done with finals! I'm headed to New York today, and cannot wait to see everyone! Now, if I could just get out of the whole flying there process, that'd be great...

Today (okay, technically, yesterday; using deictic temporal adverbs is very challenging when writing after midnight but before one has gone to bed) it snowed 8 inches of wet, heavy snow. This is extremely weird. Eugene rarely gets that much snow, and never this late in the year. It really screwed up the finals schedule at the university, since the roads were a mess (not just because we don't know how to handle snowstorms, but also because it was icy and slick, and oh right a bunch of trees fell, see the picture below) and campus was closed until 1:00. I don't envy those who had to venture in to take a final, or those who had to rearrange the finals schedule!
I took this with my phone at 8 this morning when I was mostly asleep. That's my parrot. I've had it ever since I can remember. It's wooden, just in case that doesn't show. Don't worry, I wouldn't hide a pet parrot from you. There'd be pictures of him/her (a real pet would be worthy of gendered pronouns) all over this blog.

A different angle. See that tree in the background? That's fallen all over the place? Yeah, that was loud. Mom says it was rotten which is what made it split like that.

This was taken about 4 hours later, when I actually got up. Look at the poor tree! It was getting blossoms and everything. Now it might die. *sigh*


We have a small copse of fir trees across the street in front of our house, and one of them fell earlier today, and another is very likely to fall tonight (since, great, we're supposed to get more snow)...right into our garage. Or the neighbors' garage, depending on how the wind's blowing. By the time you're reading this, it may have fallen, or (hopefully!) the city will have come by and cut it down. The room I usually work in is over part of the garage, so my mother made me relocate until the tree situation is resolved. I am gonna be pissed if it breaks my nail polish bottles, goddamnit. STAY STRONG, TREE!

Completely unrelated to anything: leftover Indian food that I had for lunch. You get a huge box to fill with the lunch buffet for $9, which is enough for 2 big lunches for me. Those of you who know me personally know I eat a lot. And now those of you who don't (know me personally) know, too! God, the internet is a beautiful place. (Also, NEENA LOOK: I'm posting about food!)

Anyways. That's the dramz that's been going on here. I'm glad I'm flying out tomorrow (or at least I think I'm glad...if we get a bunch more snow tonight, I'm gonna retract that), though it's apparently going to be the busiest flight day since the Ducks went to the BCS National Championship for football last year...of course, it's a small airport, so "busy" is 1600 people, heh. STILL. The weather has the potential to really screw things up. So cross your fingers that all goes relatively smoothly! Or else y'all might get another post like this (as in me, rambling, because my brain is broken from all the paper-writing and I cannot structure anything anymore).
I may have already posted this on here, but I DON'T CARE. It's snuggling bunnies! You can never have too many of those. Makes me want to go back to visit that pet store again...they also have a chinchilla and wallaby, and a couple of hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are adorable, you guys. For something covered in spiny quills, they sure seem cuddly.

Now my tummy's grumbling, so I'm going to stop here and go hunt down some food (thankfully, no actual hunting is required, since that would likely mean I wouldn't get to eat). Before I go, though, a couple of things:
1) A giveaway is posting later today! Whee!
2) Proof that the "beyond" in my blog title is there for a reason (so that I can post rambly nonsense like this and no one can get mad).

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