Monday, April 28, 2014

Manicure Monday

Another week, another batch of unworns.

OPI Black Cherry Chutney with Wet N Wild Night Prowl
Night Prowl may very well be opaque enough on its own, but I was too lazy to find out, so I just did it over a coat of BCC. Pretty!

OPI Russian Navy with NYX Manhattan
Realized I already did this exact manicure, more than a year ago (and got a better picture of it then). The NYX is beautiful but very sheer, and I just don't have patience for it. Has been gifted to my cousin!

I decided to pick this up after S's review, when it was $0.60 at Rite Aid. It's every bit as good as she said! This is two coats, and though it looks quite black here, in the right light, it's clearly a rich wine. Formula was great, very shiny on its own though I did my usual top coat, and barely any cuticle clean-up needed. Now I want more!

NYC Plaza Plumberry with Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl
Another guest-post-inspired mani! I ordered some striping tape and it finally got here, so I decided to play with it over PP. One coat of South Sea Pearl looked gorgeous––I love duochromes! And taping is fun. Will definitely do more.

Reece is sheer, so I thought layering it over Rosy Outlook would be ideal. Unfortunately, it applies unevenly as a topper, and the single coat I did took forever to dry, even with top coat, hence the tip shrinkage/wrinkling. I've put it into the giveaway pile!

Illamasqua Baptiste

I was originally planning to do some taping and/or saran wrap on top of this, but ended up getting lazy and just sticking with two coats of it alone (plus top coat, I mean). Very pretty vamp, especially in the sun! Mm, shimmer.

And just for fun, some random pictures from recently:
At Sarver Winery with my mother a couple weeks ago
flowers on campus!
Hail storm! Rough on the flowers, but super fun for me.
What have you been wearing lately? Has spring arrived in your part of the world?
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