Sunday, April 6, 2014

Guest Post: Sunday Procrastination Nails

My friend T is away at grad school in Davis, but we keep in touch by Snapchatting our manis to each other. I requested she do a guest post, and she kindly obliged! Enjoy :)

I have about 150 pages of journal articles to read about DNA replication. It’s about as thrilling as it sounds. So naturally, I decided to undertake an overly complicated mani in order to procrastinate. A while ago I came across this photo on reddit by /u/WarOfArt. I’ve always wanted to attempt it, and I finally got some striping tape. So what better time to do it than when you are supposed to be doing reading?

I decided to only attempt this as an accent nail for obvious reasons. Anyone with the patience to do this on all their nails deserves some sort of medal.


Here’s a picture of the taped up nail. Its pretty impossible to get everything perfectly straight but I tried my best.


And here is an unfortunately blurry picture after I filled in the triangles. I used a toothpick to apply the polish to the tiny triangles.

Nails 01 .jpg

Looks decent from far away.

Close up you can see that the purple polish smeared, even though I waited forever for it to dry before applying topcoat. 

Are my triangles perfectly even? No. Do I care? No. I’m still pretty pleased with it, and excited to try this again sometime with different colors!

China Glaze - Jamaican Out (main color for the manicure)
Sally Hansen - Pure White Tip
Sinful Colors - Big Daddy (Orange)
Revlon - Midnight Affair (Dark Blue)
Revlon - Posh (Green)
Zoya - Ziv (Gold)
OPI - Black Cherry Chutney (Dark Purple)

Isn't it marvelous?! I love it. Now I need to get some striping tape of my own.

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