Monday, April 14, 2014

Manicure Monday

Still truckin' along with my NY resolution! Here's some of what's been on my tips the past couple weeks.

a england St. George
Amazed I haven't reviewed this already! It's a gorgeous dark teal with subtle holo, opaque in one coat. I remember disliking the a england brush, but it was fine this time (except for my ring fingers, which both ended up with polish on the cuticle, how annoying!). I wasn't going to photograph it because my nails are super short, due to one breaking, but then I discovered I haven't featured this polish yet, so I figured it's better to have stubby photos than none at all. Now I want to try Dragon again to see if maybe it will behave better than I remember...

Sally Hansen Rosy Outlook with China Glaze Wish on a Starfish
Wish on a Starfish is part of CG's Sea Goddess collection, and Sally happened to have one left in stock when I popped in, so I snagged it (as well as Seahorsin' Around, because they were BOGO free). I didn't feel like dealing with glitter removal on all fingers, so I just painted a layer over SH Rosy Outlook on my ring fingers. It turned out quite pretty! Someday I'll try wearing it as a full mani, because sparkles = great, but that will have to wait until I finish up my resolution. (Also, it takes mucho top coat to be smooth, so bear that in mind as well!)

Sally Hansen Grey Area with Flormar Duo 2x Chrome DC 05
I attempted a half-moon mani with these polishes, but placed the stickers too high on my nail, so it's instead more like a super fat moon mani. The Flormar is great for layering––this is just one coat! Duochromes are so much fun.

I also wore Revlon All Fired Up and Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid with Maybelline Lavishly Lilac (attempted a half moon mani with those, too, but LL is a glitter and thus did not play well with the removal of the stickers, leaving a jagged edge). I'm well past half way through my stash, which is exciting!

What have you been wearing lately? What are your favorite nail art techniques (simpler is better for my non-artistic self!)?
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