Monday, January 14, 2013

Manicure Monday

Whoa, another weekly feature has made its triumphant return! I'm going to try and get through all my unworn polishes the next couple months, so this will probably actually be a weekly feature, assuming I can stay on top of my stuff and photograph my manicures...but my shortcomings as a blogger aside, here are the two I wore last week!

Illamasqua Baptiste
I purchased this in July using the Sephora gift card my dear friend Z gave me for my birthday, but have never actually featured it by itself (you can see it in my birthday manicure here, though). Really pretty dark warm purple with gorgeous magenta-purple hidden shimmer; looks black in dark lighting, purple indoors, and shimmeriffic in direct light. In the past, I've found it prone to bubbling, but it may have been the summer heat or something because I had no issues with application or wear this time. 2 easy coats, wore for nearly 4 days with minimal tip wear and no chipping, albeit with base and top coat. I do violently dislike the packaging, though––the square top doesn't line up with the bottle unless I don't close it all the way, which is irritating as all get out. Gorgeous shade, though!

OPI Russian Navy and NYX Manhattan

Russian Navy is just lovely, in spite of its somewhat irritating pun name. It's a rich, dark blurple with blue and pink subtle shimmer; I decided to amp up the shimmer by layering it with NYX Manhattan, which is basically the exact same color but way sheerer and with more shimmer. Together, they're unstoppable. My photo doesn't quite show the pinky-purple shimmer, but trust me, it's there. If you like dark polishes, Siberian Nights and Manhattan are well worth checking out!

What have you been wearing? And what do you think of these?
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