Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marcelle Rouge Vitality Lipstick in 540 Desire Pink Review and Swatches

Many months ago, Sarah sent me the most delightful care package, full of sweet, thoughtful goodies, including some makeup (and a Ryan Gosling journal, swoon).
100% pure awesome.
She included Annabelle Rosewood blush, which funnily enough is the same shade Liz sent me, way back in the day (and is one I love, and since it's not available in the US, it never hurts to have a backup!), and Marcelle Rouge Vitality Lipstick 540 Desire Pink.
the lipstick in question
This is exactly my kind of color, a pigmented warm pink cream.
Left to rightKorres QuinceMarcelle Desire PinkMAC Speak LouderMAC ImpassionedMAC Lustering,
Revlon Fuchsia Shock
It's slightly lighter, warmer, and sheerer than MAC Speak Louder, and isn't as bright or pink as MAC Impassioned. The formula is a little dry upon initial application but softens up and evens out from the heat of my lips. It has a slightly lipsticky smell, and I'm not crazy about the packaging––it's functional but kind of flimsy––but it's such a wonderful color that I don't mind. It also obviates the need for me to pick up either of the MAC lippies once my samples run out, so: win!

It has average longevity, lasting around 1.5–2 hours, and while it does fade a bit unevenly, from the inner lips out, it's easy to reapply sans mirror. All in all, I like it! And will be getting a lot of wear from it this summer. Thank you, Sarah :)$10.95 CAD (at current exchange rate, $9.93 USD) for 0.14 oz, available from Marcelle (they ship to the US, but it's tragically expensive)

Have you tried any of the Rouge Vitalitys? (Rouge Vitality's? Rouge Vitalities? UGH.) What do you think of Desire Pink? And don't those fuzzy socks look so cozy?! (They are.)
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