Monday, February 3, 2014

Manicure Monday

I've been steadily making my way through my polish stash, as decreed by my new year's resolution. I only took pictures of polishes/combos I haven't featured on the blog; ones I wore but have already reviewed were Color Club Miss Bliss (whose original photo is subpar, which should really teach me to read my own posts), which I wore with only 1 coat and it was almost completely opaque, and the whole mani took me about 7 minutes; Zoya Blaze, which is just ridiculously gorgeous; Milani Hi-Res, which chipped in less than a day (though I'm not convinced that's not due to my top coat, so I'm reserving judgment until I can try it with another); Zoya Godiva, which was another super speedy mani; China Glaze Ahoy!, which reminded me that I'm not crazy about CG's brushes but I love that particular shade; and Zoya Avril (which, goddamnit, I've never shown on its own, but I was like "oh I know I've already talked about it on the blog so I won't bother taking pictures" and PAST ME WHY ARE YOU SUCH A DUMMY), which is a really pretty pink-leaning neutral creme, opaque in 2 coats.

Now then, for the manis I actually managed to photograph!

Zoya Aurora and Zoya Carly
I wanted to see if I liked Aurora better than the first time I wore it, so I did a combo mani with it and Zoya Carly (opaque in one coat!). And I do like it more! It has a springy feel to me, even though it's not a pastel, and I like the subtle holo. It can stay. For now.

Zoya Wednesday and Revlon Whimsical
This was really pretty, and I love the glitter combo in Whimsical (there's also some tiny blue shimmers that you can only see in some lights), but it wasn't the most fast-drying of manicures. I'm holding on to both of them for now, but I'll revisit them once I'm done with Project Wear Them All.

OPI Black Cherry Chutney and Orly Fowl Play
Somehow, I've never shown Fowl Play on here, even though it's one of my favorites, so I decided to kill two polishes with one mani by pairing it with OPI Black Cherry Chutney, which I've also never reviewed. Ridiculous! They're both very pretty; BCC is a subtly shimmery rich aubergine which looks black in dark lighting, and Fowl Play is a slightly lighter aubergine jelly filled with flakies and blue glitter. Both are opaque in 2 coats, and both unfortunately showed tipwear after less than a day––as that hasn't been a problem with Fowl Play in the past, I'm inclined to think it's the top coat (INM Out the Door). I clearly need to figure out something else, stat.

What think you? What have you been wearing lately?
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