Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Summary

Happy Sunday! It was gloriously sunny here this weekend, and I got to hang out some in the sunshine. Unfortunately, I've still got a lot of syntax problem set and probabilistic grammar reading to do, but I'm still glad I could spend some time in the warmth!

Scrangie has swatches of the new Deborah Lippmann chrome polish collection. I don't love any of them enough to warrant the $18, but I'm hoping other brands will put out dupes...she also has swatches of the upcoming NARS for Thakoon collection, full of bright and beautiful cremes. Kutki is calling my name, which is weird, because pale blue + creme finish is the antithesis of everything I value, but it's so pretty!
naturalNchicmakeup has a great review of Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation, and it makes me want to try it! Maybe I can snag a sample the next time I'm near a LM counter (which will be who knows when, since there isn't one in Eugene!)
Let Them Have Polish shares a gorgeous layering combo, which she deems "Coal Digger" (yesss, Modern Family reference!)
Lucy's Stash has pictures of her Easter egg mani, which is just too cute for words.
The PolishAholic weighs in on the whole Ciaté Caviar Manicure debacle. If you haven't heard about it, check out her post (or one of the many, many others linked in hers!), and even if you have, take a look to see her pretty interpretation of the trend!
Scents of Self writes up her recent sniffing adventures
Café Makeup shares her new labeling system

And, for non-beauty links:
Abstruse Goose has a random comic about fighting evil with a broom
The Bloggess has a characteristically hilarious tale of her husband's bafflement in the face of bedecked mice
Cute Overload catches the Easter Bunny prepping for the big day

What links have you been loving?
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