Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skincare Saturday: Sunday Riley Skin Adrenaline Review

Another Sunday Riley moisturizer, what the what! This one was recommended by the SA as a good daytime moisturizer for my (very oily) skin.

image via Barneys
Compared to Bionic, Skin Adrenaline is slightly creamier (as contrasted with liquidier, totally a word) and white, rather than yellow. It also smells nasty; where Bionic smelled like the pink fruit Mentos, Skin Adrenaline smells like rancid plastic Mentos (my mother thinks it may have spoiled, but that seems so unlikely from a high-end brand that's relatively new...but I have another sample packet that I will open and test later, once my skin is under control [fingers crossed that it gets there, UGH], and update this post). Fortunately, the smell doesn't last long. Other observations: it absorbs really quickly, which is great for those of us who don't want to sit around waiting for our moisturizer to sink in when we hit the snooze alarm too many times (me, every morning), and a little goes a long way. It doesn't make me oilier during the day––it may even help control my oilies, but I haven't tested it rigorously enough to say for sure. I fear it may have irritated my skin, though I'm also testing a new Clarisonic brush so I can't be sure about that. As far as its anti-aging claims go, I have no idea. But for $185 for 50 ml, I assume it must be the moisturizer equivalent of the fountain of youth (though compared to Bionic, it's a steal!). Honestly, it works about the same as my Amber Cream as far as moisturization and interaction with makeup, but it's almost 30x more expensive (yes, I did the math). If you have some (lots of) money to burn, don't mind plasticky scents and possible rancidity, live near a Sunday Riley counter, and are worried about signs of aging, you may want to check out Skin Adrenaline. Otherwise, I think you can safely skip it. $185 for 50 ml, available from Barneys, Sunday Riley, and Bergdorf Goodman in New York
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