Sunday, April 1, 2012


I'm still recovering from being sick, and I really spaced on keeping up with other blogs for the first half of this week since I was in New York, so instead of a Sunday Summary, I bring you pictures of new shoes!

I pretty much never buy new clothing; most of my disposable income goes towards beauty-related products, and the vast majority of my wardrobe is years old, hand-me-downs, bought used, or some combination therein. Occasionally, though, I do find myself willing to splurge! Especially on shoes, since my philosophy tends to be: 1) find a cute, functional, comfortable pair of shoes, 2) wear them until they wear out. Achieving the first while drawing out the second as long as possible usually means paying a little more (though the pair of leather knee-high boots I got on eBay for $18 is an exception!).

Macy's is having a big shoe sale, where you get 30% off your entire order with the purchase of 3+ pairs of shoes, so I went yesterday with my mom and grandmother. We all managed to find shoes we liked (my mother found two pair, in fact), and though the ones I got are kind of painfully expensive (though really, they're less than the Armani mascara and lipstick I got, which I think speaks more to how far I've fallen re:makeup spending than anything else!), they're so. damn. cute. that I can't even care!
Clarks Artisan Fiddle String Platform Sandle in Platinum
See? SO CUTE. And, as is usual for Clarks, super comfy. They're normally $89, but I got them for $62.30, and I plan to wear them all the time once the weather cheers up. Between these and my navy leather Birkenstock Ibizas, my feet are going to have the weirdest tan lines.
$89, available from Macy's (15% off if you buy one pair, 30% off if you buy 3) and Endless (cheaper there), available in burnt orange, white, black, and tan leather as well

How do you feel about shoes?
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