Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wet N Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmers Review and Swatches

I've mentioned before my obsession with never having bare lips (as I write this, I'm not wearing anything and it's actually annoying the crap out of me), but I don't know if I've talked about how I like having color on them, too.  When I was younger, my lips were a vibrant red, but then I became anemic, and my lips turned...pale.  The horror!  So since then, I've pretty much been on an endless search for cheap, moisturizing, flattering "neutral" lip product.  Neutral for me, however, is not the same as for most people.  If I buy a so-called "neutral" shade, it makes me look like a corpse, or at least, like someone who has no business being out of bed.  I want something pink, red, plum, or berry, with minimal-to-no shimmer, that lasts awhile, is easy to apply on the fly (nothing that requires a mirror, for example), and approximates my former, glorious lip color.  Oh, and it must be cheap.  Unfortunately, most affordable products I try are lacking in one or more aspect, and I have yet to find one that can be considered my "holy grail" (HG).  I have, however, amassed quite a collection of near-HGs, which I plan to go through and review in the next few days/weeks.  First up, the most recent acquisition in my ongoing search: Wet N Wild Lip Shimmers in Cinnamon and Spice.
I bought Cinnamon first, because I've learned that generally the best option when I'm buying tinted lip balms (as I thought the WNW was) is to go for the darkest option.  In this case, it was a mistake.  For one thing, it was warmer than the cap had led me to believe, and for another, it was CRAZY pigmented, which made the patchy, uneven way it applied particularly evident.
Applied straight from the tube; using a lip brush would help even out the application, but that's so much more effort!
Definitely not the kind of thing I could easily apply.  Fortunately, I'd bought it from Rite-Aid, which takes returns of beauty items for any reason as long as you have your receipt, so I went back and traded it in for the next-darkest option, Spice.  At first I applied it to liberally; my mother said it was a lovely color, but "perhaps better suited to night time".  I've discovered, though, that when I apply it over other balm (Jack Black to the rescue!), or to my bottom lip and cupid's bow only, it gives me a nice, red tint.
Bottom swatch is 1 swipe; top is 4; sorry about the weird shadow in the corner!
I do wish it didn't have shimmer, though, because sparkles tend to be left behind when most of the color is gone, and I've found that it wears off unevenly, leaving a ring of color around my mouth.  It's also not as moisturizing as I would like; while I don't need it to necessarily replace my JB, I would like it to not dry my lips out, which it unfortunately seems to do.  The color does last a couple of hours (without eating), though, which is pretty long for me.  And so, while I will happily wear it (it was only $2, after all), I don't think I would re-buy.  The search continues...

Price: 10
Value: 9 (yes, it's only $2, but they also only give you 0.11 oz, when most tinted balms have at least 0.15)
Quality: 7.5 (besides the issues outlined above, I'm not crazy about the so-called "natural"ness of the product..."natural" doesn't necessarily mean "healthy" or "organic" or "won't cause cancer or make your lips bleed!", and I hate it when companies pretend otherwise)
Ease of Use: 3
Pigmentation: 4 (though it's more pigmented than I'd like, it doesn't say anywhere that it is supposed to be sheer--however, the packaging is such that you would not expect it to be lipstick-level opaque, so I'm knocking off a point anyways)
Duration: 4
Consistency: 4 (can feel a little waxy)
Grade: B
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