Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeliners Review and Swatches

I really shouldn't allow myself to spend any time in Rite-Aid, because every time I get distracted by cheap products.  Most recently, I got sucked in by the WNW Color Icon Eyeliners.  Full price: $0.99.  How could I resist?!  Especially since Walgreens was having a 50% off WNW products sale, so the turquoise one was only $0.49.  Was it worth the $1.48?  Well...
I mean, yes.  It was less than a small cup of coffee.  However, after having used the Urban Decay and Prestige eyeliners (reviewed here), the wooden pencilness of the WNW is a bit of a letdown.  They're nicely pigmented, and the pencil is of a nice long length (meaning they last longer, since you sharpen away less product)–though the fact that they're so long makes them challenging to store.  I wish the pencil were a bit softer, because it tends to tug on application, and it makes for an uneven line.  Would I buy again?  Probably not.  I prefer creamier eye pencils, so I think I'd try the Megalast retractable eye pencils next from WNW.  However, if you're looking for a cheap (super, super, SUPER cheap), average eyeliner, the Color Icons come in a wide selection of colors and may be just the ticket if you're looking to experiment around with different colors and looks before splurging on, say, a $5.50 Prestige.
Wet N Wild Color Icon Eye Pencil in Turquoise and Black Black; middle two swatches are from a blunt tip, while the outermost are freshly-sharpened pencil

Price: 10
Value: 7 (yes, you get 0.04 oz, the normal eyeliner size, for less than a buck, but I doubt I'll ever get close to using them up since there are better options out there/in my current collection)
Quality: 7
Ease of Use: 4
Pigmentation: 4
Duration: 5
Consistency: 3
Grade: B-
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