Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oil Cleansers

I'd read that MMU can clog pores if not properly removed, and being the super-paranoid acne-prone person I am, I decided to get an oil cleanser stat.  Cleansing oils are great because of the whole like-dissolves-like thing; you just rub a pump-ful on your dry, made-up face (including eyes, if you're wearing eye-makeup), rubbing it in, and then it rinses off like magic with warm water.  Follow with your normal cleanser, safe in the knowledge that no makeup, sunscreen, or oil is clogging your skin!

Most of the cleansing oils you can buy in stores in the US are super-expensive ($30+ for a little bottle), but I got a 12-oz bottle on eBay for ~$15, including shipping.  While I would normally cringe at such a high price for a face cleanser, I highly recommend it for anyone who wears makeup regularly; I used it 1-2 times daily for 3+ months and still had a good third of the bottle left.  Seriously, it  lasts forever.  I had to leave it behind when I left school, because there was no easy way to transport it in its pump bottle, but I will be ordering more once I get my new debit card (lost the wallet, cancelled the card, found the wallet, still haven't gotten the new card yet--definitely putting a crimp in my online shopping)!

Pros: extremely effective at removing makeup, non-irritating (even on my eyes--I can rub it over everything, open my eyes, navigate to the shower, and have no stinging or cloudiness!), lasts forever, comparatively cheap
Cons: have to order from eBay (this may be a con for some people, though I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences), high-ish initial investment ($15 is a lot for some of us!), not very travel-able

Since I've been home, I've been using extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to remove my makeup, and I must say it's working quite well!  Put it on a cottonball, swab it around your face (I recommend using a different cottonball for your eyes, if you wear eye makeup), and voila!  No more makeup!  You definitely have to wash with another cleanser after, but I highly recommend it as a cheap way to experiment with oil cleansers.

What about you?  How do you get rid of your makeup?
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