Friday, June 3, 2011


I started this blog after finishing undergrad classes.  This, unfortunately, coincided with having to reevaluate my long-term financial situation.  I've come to realize that I can't actually afford to buy all of the pretties I want, or even some of them.  I tell you this because it is going to impact the direction of this blog; I'll continue reviewing the products I currently have and use and love (or have used and disliked), but the number of new products will be minimal.  I'll be focusing more on natural skincare routines and stuff, which I hope will still prove helpful!  I wish I could do full swatches of all the colors of the products I want to share, but I'll just have to live with incomplete paradigms.  The blogs on my blogroll are great for that if you want to explore them; those lovely bloggers are much more suited than me to evaluate the latest and greatest products, and spend much more time and energy on their blogs than I could ever hope to spend on mine.

I spent the plane trip back home writing a few blog posts which I'll finish up and post the next few days.  It was actually sunny here today, and is supposed to be 80 and sunny tomorrow--which is extremely weird weather for Eugene!--but I'll hopefully be able to take some nice swatch photos with the good lighting and finish up the posts when it gets cloudy again.

How about you?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?
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