Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky Review and Swatches

So, remember how I said I would be cutting back on makeup purchases a week ago?  I've apparently decided that sales/cheap stuff at Rite-Aid are exempt...whoops.  I was browsing a few days ago and saw a gorgeous duochrome nail polish by Scherer Chameleon called Blue Sky (the name is a little baffling, since it's not actually blue...) that was crying my name, and even though I generally steer clear of polish, I couldn't resist for $3.

It shifts between a metallic-y purple and teal-green, depending on the light, and is simply beautiful.  I decided to paint my toenails instead of my fingers, because I'm more forgiving of mistakes on my feet, polish on my toes lasts longer than on my fingers, and I can use my right hand to paint them all instead of having to suffer through the indignity of polish all over my skin from my left hand's tremor.  I put on three coats for uniform opacity, and finished with a shiny topcoat (which I also used as my basecoat, since I was too cheap/lazy to get a separate polish designed for that).  I'm very pleased with the color, and keep wiggling my toes to see them change color.
I don't know how well you can see the difference in colors, but the big toe is purple and the others are teal
And here, 2nd and 4th are green, 1st and 3rd are purple, and pinky's a mix

The only drawback is that it has already started chipping at the tips.  I painted them less than 48 hours ago, and certainly haven't done anything to warrant it already coming off (no swimming in a pool with a rough bottom, for example).  Perhaps if I used a devoted basecoat, that would help, but I would still expect it to last longer than a day and a half on my toes.  So, while I adore the color, I will probably return it, because if I go to the trouble of actually painting my nails, I'd like for it to hang around for a little longer!

What about you?  Have you tried Scherer's polish?  Do you have any favorite duochromes?
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