Saturday, June 4, 2011

Revlon ColorStay

For a long time, I used Revlon ColorStay for Oily/Combination skin in Ivory 110.

My mother taught me to always mix my foundation with moisturizer in order to keep it from being too heavy or cakey, which is something I recommend everyone do, even those who are oily or have bad skin. You can always add more to spots that need it, but it saves a lot of foundation to mix it with moisturizer, and it results in a more natural-looking finish. I found the color didn't quite match with my skin, which was what spurred my MMU search, and the fact that it's $13/1 oz doesn't sit particularly well with me (I know, way cheaper than department store brands, but I'm on a budget!). Besides that, though, it worked wonderfully--kept my oilies basically under control (I'd like to try it again with my Mattify!, if my skin is ever at Ivory 110 status, because I imagine it would work fantastically with that) and it lasted many many hours (full school day in HS, so 8+ hours). If you're looking for a good liquid foundation that lasts and helps control oil, I recommend this, if you can find a shade that matches. Rite-Aid is great about returns, so you can try things and get your money back if they don't work; they also often have sales, which makes the $13 significantly cheaper (40% off is my favorite, though BOGO free is awesome too).

$10-13 for 1 oz, available from drugstores

Pros: long-lasting, oil control, wide color range, pretty affordable
Cons: some may dislike the glass jar (you have to pour carefully, but it's easy to put it any excess back into the container), very light and very dark skin tones may find it hard to get a match

Price: 8 ($13 is a lot less than the $35+ for department store foundations, and sales and coupons are frequent)
Value: 9 (a jar lasts me 2+ months)
Quality: 8 (it does have a slightly strange smell, but that dissipates, and it needs to be set with powder for maximum performance)
Ease of Use: 5
Pigmentation: 5 (medium-full coverage which can be sheered with moisturizer)
Duration: 5 (on my oily skin, 8+ hours!)
Consistency: 4 (a little too thick on its own, and should be cut with moisturizer)
Grade: B+

What about you? Have you tried CS? What did you think?
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