Saturday, March 9, 2013

30 Days: Day 18

Ugh, end of term is upon us and I am swamped, of course. I'll be pretty much a hermit until March 22nd (and then probably MIA through the 25th, as the boy and I are planning to go up to Seattle and hopefully meet up with Larie!). I have a couple of posts mostly ready to go, but I must apologize for my absence, both from here and online in general. I hope you can forgive me!

I'm going to take a page out of Toya's book, and use up a few of the remaining 30 days to boot, by swatching my entire collection. I've swatched my blush before (also as part of 30 days, lolz), but it's been close to a year since then, and my stash has changed somewhat (and while I took photos of all my lippies and eyeshadow, I didn't swatch them). This will also give me a good opportunity to update my stash list, too! Oh, killing so many birds with this one stone. First up: nudes, corals, and warm lippies! (It was sunny today, so I managed to snap swatches of these, but then my arm was stained and I remembered I still had to design an experiment and read a bunch of articles, so I can't promise that I'll be able to swatch much else before the end of the term!)

Left to right:
Revlon Tutti Frutti: Purchased when I was looking for an orange lippie during the year of tangerine (as 2012 shall forever be known in my mind). I wear it once in a blue moon, and has a tendency to apply unevenly due to the sheerness and texture, but it suffices for what I use it for. Also, as I was swatching this, a great big piece fell off the tip and got all smudgy. Lip Butter packaging fail. (And then it happened again with Sweet Tart, because my makeup likes to frustrate me.)
Hourglass Child: Nude! Somewhat drying, but nice to have on hand.
Smashbox Crowned: Peachy nude, which looks really nice on top of warmer lipsticks (particularly Tutti Frutti, to make it a little less orange).

Becca Gisella: A great nude shade for my skintone, but I find it wears off quickly and leaves my lips feeling dry. I do find myself wearing it not infrequently, though, because it's effortless and goes with everything.
Elizabeth Arden Rosy Shimmer 13: A very pretty, slightly frosty rosy nude. I like it! Though it's not moisturizing.
Clarins Coral Pink: As previously mentioned, this isn't a tinted lip balm, but rather a lightly moisturizing gloss, but as long as you go into it expecting that, it's quite nice! It's my lone coral gloss, and it's really, really pretty. I only wish it lasted longer.
L'Oreal Rose On and On: I picked this up on sale at Rite-Aid as a consolation prize for not getting the fellowship I applied for this summer (oh well! May end up going to a conference in Berlin instead, heh) and because I wanted a pink long-lasting lipstick. IT IS AWESOME. Same insane wear as the others I have, but in a more demure/wearable color. I think I'll be wearing this a ton this spring. (Review at some point?)
Revlon Sweet Tart: This is not nude, or coral, or even particularly warm, but I store it with these other shades so I'm including it here anyways. Bright and punchy, but can look a bit too barbie-ish.
Guerlain Chamade: The color is divine, but the formula is a bit slippery for my taste (and not moisturizing on me). However, I find that applying, blending with finger, blotting, reapplying, reblending, and reblotting makes it last quite nicely. And the color! As mentioned, it's divine.

My warmer/nuder collection is relatively small (alright, it's still unnecessarily large, but it's small by blogger standards!), but I think it has a nice variety. I may gift away Sweet Tart now that I have Rose On and On, and I really don't need two nude glosses, but overall I think it's a pretty solid group. Besides still lacking Burberry Mallow Pink, that is! (I'm still obsessed.)

What do you think of these? Do you have a lot of warm/nude/coral lippies? What are some of your favorites?
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