Thursday, January 3, 2013

Look, Ma, A Real Nude! Becca Sheer Tint Lip Color in Gisella Review and Swatches

I tend to gravitate towards bolder lips and lighter eyes, but sometimes I feel like changing it up. I have a sizable collection of eyeshadows, and in spite of my glasses hiding pretty much everything, I like to give it the old college try occasionally. (The irony, of course, is that I don't actually have the time to do elaborate eye makeup when classes are in session, but that's neither here nor there.) And so, I like having the option of a true nude. Until this point, Le Métier de Beauté Purple Haze has served that purpose, but it really only works with cool-toned eye looks, so when I needed to reach the $50 free shipping at Becca, I figured I might as well try to find a nude lipstick there. Some quick browsing led me to Gisella as the most likely shade to work that purpose, so into my basket it went. How well did my online peeks serve?
In terms of shade, pretty nicely! Gisella is almost the exact shade of my non-irritated, non-lip balmed lips, a faintly rosy mid-tone nude (though described by Becca as a "caramel nude", which I don't find quite accurate––not nearly brown enough to be classed as "caramel" for me).
1 swipe Gisella on arm
It's quite pigmented, but since it's a nude, it's pretty foolproof to apply. It's a cream finish and the texture is, well, creamy, so I find it doesn't last very long on my lips––an hour if I'm lucky. I think it also dries them out a bit, which is obviously not the best, and it has a vaguely plastic-lipstick scent when applied which thankfully dissipates quickly. Sooo, not a super win for me, but it serves its purpose fine, and it's super easy to reapply, which is nice. And the color is really great for me! Nude but not dead, and while it is the same shade as my lips dry, it is not the same as when they have anything on them (lip balm makes them pinker), so that's nice.
Becca Gisella on lips, no idea what else I'm wearing
Also, the packaging! Is awesome! It's silver (fingerprints, though, boo) and a screw-top so it won't come apart in your bag, and just delightfully weighty and understated. It's one I enjoy whipping out to reapply, because it's just so elegant!

If you tend to have good success with creamier lipsticks, Becca's Sheer Tint lipsticks may be worth checking out (and Gisella in particular is an excellent nude for fair and pale folk, at least!). They're available in some Sephoras, and can be purchased online through Sephora and Becca. If I could return mine, I probably would, but I got it at 20% off and it's not bad, it's just not great. I've become so picky!

$24 for 0.1(1) (Sephora says 0.11, Becca says 0.1, too lazy to find my tube and look on the bottom to confirm) oz, available from Sephora and Becca

Quality: 8
Ease of Use: 5
Effectiveness: 3.5
Senses: 3.5 (plasticky smell, dries out lips)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 2.5 (the short wear time is somewhat expected, given the creaminess)
Consistency: 4
Price: 2
Value: 3.5
Packaging: +0.5
Grade: C

Have you tried any of the Becca Sheer Tints? What's your favorite nude lipstick?
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