Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am on Vacation!

So this is not a real post. (Surprise?) Here's what I've been up to since finishing finals.

Meeting Larie! Who is even lovelier in person (who knew it was possible?!).

Making a silly face for Liz!

Getting a bunch of perfume and makeup samples courtesy of Larie, Nordstrom, and Sephora, as well as finally scoring Burberry Mallow Pink!
(Went with Larie, but the Bellevue Nordstrom was having some sort of beauty event and there were so many people and I got really stressed out so I didn't even swatch all teh things, or okay actually any of teh things, if we're being honest. Stopped off at the Tacoma Nordstrom on my way back to Eugene, though, where I got to play with Armani and Guerlain to my heart's content, thanks to a patient SA and empty store!)

Visiting the UW campus, where I was greeted by sunshine, cherry blossoms, and

Because you can't escape us, y'all. DUCKS RULE HUSKIES DROOL!

Bonus bit: The boy visited Marbles The Brain Store when Larie and I were beauty shopping, where he learned that he has a Visual Brain (surprise! the car designer thinks visually). I took the online test, which told me I have a Word Skills Brain (surprise! the linguistics doctoral student likes words). They said I am "better at expressing verbally than visually" (anyone who has ever seen me try to draw can attest to that––I tried to draw a hippo for my students, and it looked like a ), and that "the studying of languages and their parts is intriguing and fun for you". It's like they know me, you guys.

I'm now at the beach with my mom and brother's girlfriend, finally catching up on sleep and decompressing from the term. I'll have real beauty-related posts up at some point, but until then: how are you? What's new? Has spring hit you yet? What kind of brain do you have?
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