Sunday, March 31, 2013

Burberry Mallow Pink Lip Glow Review and Swatches

Happy Easter! Here's a real, actual, beauty-related post.

I wanted it, and I got it! Hurray! This was my lone purchase at the Burberry counter at the Bellevue Nordstrom with Larie, as the hordes of people proved to be way too overwhelming for my frail psyche. Also, I didn't want to pay 10% sales tax on anything else! Because I am from Oregon, where we do not pump our own gas or pay sales tax. BUT I DIGRESS. Is it everything I hoped it would be?
Burberry Mallow Pink Lip Glow
Mallow Pink is a bright, punchy, gorgeous warm coral-red-pink gloss with very subtle shimmers (visible only in direct light, and not evident on the lips), somewhat similar to Guerlain Chamade, though the finish is obviously very different and Chamade is redder. It's quite opaque, and I find that one dipping's worth is enough for my lips, as more than that tends to slide around and get goopy and weird (however, if I apply a layer, blend with a finger, and apply another layer, it is even more vibrant and longer-lasting). The smell is not the greatest, a cross between department store lipstick floral and drugstore lipstick plastic, but it fades pretty quickly, unlike the gloss itself, which wears for an hour+ and fades evenly, leaving behind a nice stain.
Mallow Pink, Guerlain Chamade, Revlon Sweet Tart

The packaging is lovely, as would be expected from Burberry, and the doefoot applicator is standard and effective. It's a wee bit sticky, but certainly still comfortable to wear, and it's decently moisturizing. Is it worth $27? I mean, the shade is phenomenal, but you can probably find a dupe for cheaper. I like the longevity, comfort, and sleek container, and that the gloss doesn't have visible sparkles, and I'm very glad to own it, but I don't think it's something that everyone should go get right now. It's very beautiful, though, and I think I'll be wearing it quite often come sunny weather!
Like we had last week!
$27 for 0.20 oz, available from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue

Quality: 9.25
Effectiveness: 5
Ease of Use: 4.5 (as a pigmented gloss, you do have to apply with a mirror)
Senses: 4 (not a fan of the smell)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 4.25
Consistency: 4.5
Price: 1.5
Value: 4
Packaging: +1
Grade: B

What do you think of Mallow Pink? Have you tried any of the Burberry Lip Glows? What's your favorite lip gloss formula?
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