Monday, February 4, 2013

Manicure Monday

Whee, another week's worth of manis!

Zoya Avril (3 coats) with Revlon Girly (1 coat)
Avril is a pretty color, but I'm not in love with it––partly because it's not self-leveling, so I find that it builds up in some places while being sheer in others, even after 3 coats, and partly because it's a creme, and I find creme finish polishes to be generally super boring. I did like the accent nail, though! Girly is really sheer on its own, though it can be built up in 3 coats, but I liked how it looked over Avril (and, as a bonus, I only had to do 2 coats of Avril on my accent nails). I'll be holding on to both of these to use in the future! An unstoppable combo, in spite of it being pink ;)

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue (2 coats) with Orly Angel Eyes (1 coat)
I still hate the name of this polish, but it's so very pretty. Angel Eyes is an excellent layering polish, with even glitter spread and nice opacity. I haven't tried wearing it on its own, but layered it's pretty problem-free to get off, which is nice!

Sephora Pantone Rose Dawn (2 coats)

I got this when it was on clearance for $5 to reach free shipping. It's a very pretty shade, and a very unique finish; even top coat doesn't cancel the semi-matte soft glow of it. It's really opaque, and with careful application could be a 1-coater, but my tremor makes careful application rarely successful. It also benefits from a ridge-filling base coat (I used Milani's), as it emphasizes every imperfection, a feature the boy really liked about it (and one that drove me batty, naturally). I think it would be really nice for nail art, too.

What have you been wearing lately? Which of these is your favorite?
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